public offering

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Public offering

Used in the context of general equities. Offering to the investment public, after compliance with registration requirements of the SEC, usually by an investment banker or a syndicate made up of several investment bankers, at a price agreed upon between the issuer and the investment bankers. Antithesis of private placement. See: Primary distribution and secondary distribution.

Public Offering

An issue of stock by a publicly-traded company. A company makes a public offering through underwriters, who have the responsibility to place the offering with individual and institutional investors. Companies make public offerings in order to raise financing for expanded operations; the offerings themselves give investors a portion of ownership in the company issuing them. The first public offering of a company is called an initial public offering, and marks the point when a company ceases to be privately held and becomes publicly traded.

public offering

The sale of an issue of securities to the public, an activity that usually occurs with the assistance of an investment banker that purchases the securities from the issuer and then resells them to the public. Also called distribution, offering.

public offering

(1) Offering of new securities to the investing public after registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (2) A sealed-bid auction where oil sands rights are sold to the highest bidder. (3) A requirement by some governments, educational institutions, and others that property declared as surplus must be offered to the public for purchase before being sold in a private sale.Also called a primary distribution.

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All of the share in the public offering were issued by the company at a public offering price of USD5.
In order to promote ease of doing business and streamline the entire public offering process, the numbers of regulations have been reduced to two.
The public offering has seen interest from more than 100 investors in 20 different countries, and has become the biggest public offering of 2014 that is being undertaken by way of raising capital, in Eastern and Central Europe, African regions and the Middle East.
Meanwhile, under efforts to enable companies to utilize the capabilities offered by the capital market in a much effective and broader fashion, IMKB will host "Initial Public Offering Summit" in Istanbul on May 6-7, 2010.
businesses--ranging from a school bus company to a funeral home operator--have launched public offerings in Canada, and many others are in the pipeline.
For all these and other nonpublic insurers, Rule 144A effectively provides a vehicle to issue debt securities in a private offering to a broad range of institutional investors simultaneously without undertaking a public offering and without the attendant SEC review and post-offering ongoing disclosure requirements, but at the same time achieving better execution and liquidity than are generally available in private placements to a limited number of investors.
Before a public offering, an S corporation may examine whether it holds assets unnecessary to its business operation or that it otherwise seeks to dispose of.
This public offering represent limited partner interests owned by Summit Midstream Partners Holdings (SMP Holdings), a wholly owned direct subsidiary of SMLP's sponsor, Summit Midstream Partners.
said one of its insurance subsidiaries also has put off an initial public offering due to the unfavorable market conditions.
The process was substantially more costly and demanding than we had anticipated," said Carr, who successfully concluded an initial public offering last February.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 17, 2014-Carrols Restaurant commences USD60m public offering of common stock