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Public Domain

The arena of any work that may not be owned by any individual. Any person may distribute or profit from a work in the public domain. For example, because William Shakespeare has been dead for several centuries, anyone may publish and sell copies of his plays without permission from anyone. How long it takes for a work to enter the public domain depends on the laws in force in the jurisdiction where the work originated.
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public domain

(1) Land belonging to the government and not reserved for a specific use. (2) Things belonging to all persons to share, use, and enjoy, such as music and literature for which the copyrights have expired or ideas that are freely exchanged in the public domain.

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The Material Public Domain: Res nullius and RES COMMUNES
The main categories of the material public domain were already well known to Roman law, which catalogued res nullius and res communes among the nonexclusive forms of property.
etc.), (8) but disentangling the public domain inspiration to those
while public domain advocates fight back with anecdotes and intuition.
In her article "Mapping the Public Domain: Threats and Opportunities," Pamela Samuelson writes that "digital information and digital networks have made the public domain more vibrant and robust, and if various digital commons initiatives attain their goals, the public domain may flourish as never before" (
[D]igitization of information can have a very positive impact on the effective existence of the public domain....
Further, the 7th Circuit ruling confirms that when a work with a copyrighted character falls into the public domain, if that character is featured in subsequent works not in the public domain that include traits that are sufficiently distinctive, those new traits are protected and cannot be copied." So, a company like Disney could be disappointed in the Klinger ruling, but can hold onto the knowledge that it won't lose all of its protection for a beloved character in one fell swoop.
Online public domain resources for vocal repertoire fall into two distinct categories: those that are free and those for which a fee is charged for access to scores.
The studio largely prevailed in a 2011 8th Circuit Court decision, which held that even though the publicity material a merchandiser used to create a line of "Wizard of Oz" products had fallen into the public domain, it still infringed on the studio's copyrights in some instances because it evoked the film.
In order to build the public domain, the doctrine and administrative practice consecrated several procedures used in the public law, one of them being the incorporation.
The public domain is not a "category of constitutional significance," Ginsburg wrote.