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Public Domain

The arena of any work that may not be owned by any individual. Any person may distribute or profit from a work in the public domain. For example, because William Shakespeare has been dead for several centuries, anyone may publish and sell copies of his plays without permission from anyone. How long it takes for a work to enter the public domain depends on the laws in force in the jurisdiction where the work originated.

public domain

(1) Land belonging to the government and not reserved for a specific use. (2) Things belonging to all persons to share, use, and enjoy, such as music and literature for which the copyrights have expired or ideas that are freely exchanged in the public domain.

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That loss does count for something for free speech clause purposes--especially if in the past the expression was in the public domain and now it has been removed from the public domain for a period of time.
A third way films fell into the Public Domain occurred if the producers forgot to place a copyright notice at either the front or end of the film.
Bush officials have taken such a hard line, sources say, that they're refusing to permit the release of matters already in the public domain - including the existence of intelligence documents referred to on the CIA Web site.
The justices rejected arguments by Eric Eldred, a New Hampshire resident and owner of an Internet Web site that offers free access to works in the public domain.
They must assess the full range of security assets available -- both human and electronic -- and develop a system that protects the property at every zone from the interior to the public domain.
A Sunday newspaper yesterday said Mr Reid told reporters the Scottish Executive's spending plans, due to be unveiled this week, would be over two years - information that it claimed was not in the public domain.
Whatever the reason, a fascinating collection of Jesus films entered the public domain this century.
If the miner locates a claim on federal lands which are public domain lands--lands the government has not reserved for a particular purpose--section 26 of the 1872 Mining Law entitles the miner to "extralateral rights.
A thorn in the side of the software industry has been the advent of public domain software.
Yet most of these maps have never surfaced in the public domain.
com/research/md5rz2/copyright_and_the) has announced the addition of the "Copyright and the Public Domain.