psychological test

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psychological test

a test of an individual's level of achievement or aptitude. There are two main types of test:
  1. achievement test: this tests an individual's acquired knowledge and skills, for example a driving test;
  2. aptitude test: this tests fundamental abilities or aptitudes, such as mental ability (for example, an intelligence test) or perceptual abilities.

Whereas (a) is used to determine what skills an individual already possesses, the purpose of (b) is to discover his or her capacity to acquire new skills in future. Tests of both types are often utilized in RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION. Achievement tests can be used to verify information that a candidate has submitted in his application, and aptitude tests can be used to gauge how individuals will respond to new challenges and hence to provide a degree of prediction of future work performance. See PERSONALITY INVENTORY.

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A psychological test is defined as 'essentially an objective and standardized measure of a sample of behavior.
In this way, 1542 candidates were called for psychological test which were conducted by psychological experts on the panel of NTS.
From both a legal and an enlightened self-interest perspective, only valid psychological tests should be used.
Forensically experienced psychologists and psychiatrists are specially trained to assess effort, to use objective psychological tests, and to document the bases for their opinions.
A psychological test would be considered a medical exam under some circumstances.
Now NTS has called 1531 candidates against the 135 posts of NAB from BS-16 to BS-19 for Psychological tests.
Additionally, assessors can use psychological tests to settle any discrepancies.
For instance, good psychological practice always dictates that psychologists (not their clerical surrogates) communicate psychological test results to examinees.
SEVERAL YEARS AFTER the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), companies remain confused over its impact on the use of integrity tests or psychological tests in general.
Bigla nagkaroon ng psychological test para sa revisor.
An America West Airlines pilot is undergoing a 72-hour psychological test after engaging in unruly behaviour on board an America West Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin, Texas.

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