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The philosophy that what has been done should continue to be done as long as there is not a positive reason to change it. Conservatives may favor class distinctions as natural, or at least not harmful. In modern times, conservatism has become associated with the political right, or the belief that capitalism and the free market tend to best determine how an economy ought to be organized.
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In addition, to satisfy procedural prudence, plan fiduciaries should: 1) confirm that they and other fiduciaries have the appropriate expertise to make prudent decisions that are in the best interest of participants; 2) receive appropriate training so they understand their fiduciary obligations under ERISA and the extent of their liability; 3) as needed, retain experts, e.g., an investment adviser, to assist in making fiduciary decisions; 4) meet regularly to examine various aspects of the plan, such as the investment offerings and the level of plan expenses; and 5) clearly document their fiduciary deliberations and decisions in their meeting minutes and other materials.
In other words, to be rash is only one breach of true prudence. It is also a breach to be timid.
Being compliant with the rule is important, but not as important as a firm's ability to demonstrate their procedural prudence.
L'obligation de diligence figure a l'alinea 122 (1)b) de la Loi canadienne sur les societes par actions (19), mais cet article ne precise pas qui est le beneficiaire de l'obligation de prudence, contrairement au devoir de loyaute et de bonne foi de l'alinea 122(1)a) (20) qui vise la societe.
They conclude that for risk averters and risk lovers, prudence guarantees precautionary saving.
In light of the continuing duty to monitor investments and remove imprudent ones, so long as the alleged breach of the continuing duty occurs within six years of suit, a plaintiff may allege that a fiduciary breached the duty of prudence by failing to properly monitor investments and remove imprudent ones.
It's Treuer's attention to how race and privilege distort even the most intimate relationships that makes Prudence feel so immediate, so necessary, so contemporary." ANTHONY MARRA
Prudence's backstory is meted out gradually, and the way her life intersects with Frankie's becomes the crux of this powerful story.
While the Supreme Court could have ended its discussion after striking the presumption of prudence, it went on to provide some commentary about stock drop claims.
Therefore, if you have to follow a path of fiscal prudence, (you should) have a certain amount of discipline," Jaitley explained.
The unique value of prudence for judicial review in hard constitutional cases is its ability to realize constitutional ends through concrete means available to justices so that they may do the right thing in the right case at the right time for the right motive and in the right way.
"The veteran oil industry manpower are experienced and wise enough and I intend to create enough space for them to work so that this industry will become a center of prudence and collective wisdom," Zanganeh said.