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Just under 5 percent of completed surveys (4.8 percent) were excluded from these analyses because information on the use of proxies was unavailable.
Proxies containing nonroutine issues are assigned to the portfolio manager or analyst who has responsibility for following the industry in which the company operates.
I think it's important to note this because lawyers will tell you that it's possible under ERISA to have either the plan sponsor or the investment manager vote your proxies. But that depends on how your fiduciary responsibility is defined in the plan.
When approved by a majority of the voting members and the registered proxies, the Standing Rules shall apply throughout the annual meeting.
For the proxy surveys, the proxies adopted the proxy-patient perspective (Pickard et al.
National security practitioners likely will gain the most insight from these case studies, in which Maurer applies his analytical framework to the use of proxies by the United States, Iran, Russia, and China.
Ending the requirement that investment funds vote their proxies would reduce the potential cost of this moral hazard problem.
The DOL initially commented on the subject in IB 94-02, where it explained that fiduciaries may engage in shareholder activity designed to influence corporate management if the fiduciary concludes, after considering the costs involved in voting proxies, that doing so will enhance the value of the plan's investment.
To utilize the aggregate cache space efficiently, a proxy assisted overlay network is constructed with a number of proxies combined together (Ulas, 2009).
Creditors wishing to vote at the meeting must (unless they are personally due the amount and attending in person) lodge their proxies at the Registered Office of The Company at Aughnagegna, Crosserlough, County Cavan, no later than 4:00 pm on Monday 6th April 2015.
Knox and Syd live in an advanced technological society where the social order includes Patrons, who are the wealthy, privileged elite, and the underclass Proxies. Their lives have been interconnected since childhood, with Syd suffering electroshock punishment and forced labor when Knox misbehaves or is reckless.
Under the status quo, incumbent directors have their election expenses, including the cost of sending out proxies, paid for by the company.