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We report the case of a patient with C protein deficiency which developed deep venous thromboses of both legs when he was 36 and 37 years old.
Two [alpha]-subunit donor splice site mutations cause human trifunctional protein deficiency.
The human body reacts to protein deficiency by taking amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) away from muscle tissue and other areas of the body.
North thinks that in male sprinters lacking the protein, hormones such as testosterone may compensate for the protein deficiency.
TKT has demonstrated the feasibility and safety of this approach through extensive preclinical and clinical testing in the area of hemophilia A, diabetes, and other protein deficiency states.
In this instance, the latter could be due to protein deficiency.
When admitted to the hospital, he was suffering from kwashiorkor -- severe protein deficiency malnutrition.
The protein deficiency disease kwashiorkor was observed in Iraq "for the first time," the document adds.
Measures in the Greens/EFA plan include: integrating the precautionary principle into farm production, using public funds in a framework of social, environment and food quality criteria, encouraging competitiveness based on quality, promoting organic farming, controlling surplus production and protein deficiency and educating the public on agriculture.
This report also noted that protein deficiency exacerbated the cellular and humoral immunosuppressive effects of pesticides in animal studies.
Waxy protein deficiency and chromosomal location of coding genes in common wheat.
Protein deficiency that causes the body to use protein from the muscle fibres and eventually lead to wastage.