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Sole Proprietor

The one and only owner of an unincorporated business. That is, the business of a sole proprietor is not a corporation, a limited liability company, or anything else. The sole proprietor must list all profits and losses on his/her personal tax return and does not file a separate return for the business. Additionally, the sole proprietor is personally responsible for all losses and debts the business incurs. Some small businesses begin as sole proprietorships and then become something else. Other sole proprietorships are part-time businesses that the owners operate on the side.


The owner of a one-person business.




The sole owner of a trade or business.
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In central Cape York Peninsula, for example, the Chevron Pipeline project with which Rumsey opens his introduction, alongside other intercultural projects like land-claim hearings, have acted to frame, and in some cases have clearly stimulated, a renaissance in more definite landholding groups and the political and proprietorial importance of 'emplaced myth' across the region, a process usefully outlined by Weiner in his afterword.
Indeed, some thesps seem almost proprietorial about the characters they've helped create.
An employee of one--speaking on condition of anonymity--recounts his anger at the proprietorial reaction of the PIUG board when his company tried to organize a fringe workshop at the recent PIUG conference in Berkeley, California.
Perhaps only in New York would such an offer be accompanied by the proprietorial request for a 'suggested asking price' for the drawings displayed.
Allowing Venturi one more proprietorial reading, My Mother's House served as the portal to "The Architect's Dream," the couple's latest manifesto, which comes in the form of a multimedia installation.
In the Trecento, for example, Bernabo Visconti, buried in the apse of San Giovanni in Conca in Milan, makes a proprietorial claim to the east end and to the church as he gazes commandingly over the high altar.
Insofar as their living together affects their individual rights, including their proprietorial rights, we see the need for some legally enforceable method of upholding those rights," the bishops' statement said.
The lives of millions of women in Pakistan are circumscribed by traditions which enforce extreme seclusion and virtually proprietorial control over women with violence.
Sorry if I am mistaken, but it is as if I felt a jealous proprietorial sense on this issue of Celtic heritage, as if it were something belonging solely to the Irish, Scots and other Celtic countries of today.
The talented couple clearly feel proprietorial rights on the tales of their medical duo and don't relate easily to the Hollywood model of doing things.