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Sole Proprietor

The one and only owner of an unincorporated business. That is, the business of a sole proprietor is not a corporation, a limited liability company, or anything else. The sole proprietor must list all profits and losses on his/her personal tax return and does not file a separate return for the business. Additionally, the sole proprietor is personally responsible for all losses and debts the business incurs. Some small businesses begin as sole proprietorships and then become something else. Other sole proprietorships are part-time businesses that the owners operate on the side.


The owner of a one-person business.




The sole owner of a trade or business.
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Trunking Station, Magor The registered proprietor of this land is Callisto Properties, registered in the Isle of Man.
The second possible cause is the assumption that the hourly compensation of proprietors is the same as that of employees.
There exist noteworthy differences between small sole proprietors and larger firms in their sources of fees and--more importantly, from a strategic planning perspective--the relative importance of different services changes as firms grow.
Cingoranelli said many sole proprietors simply can't find the time to think about the future.
The subsequent decision of the ECJ in *2030 Zino Davidoff SA v A & G Imports Ltd (Joined Cases C-414/99 to C-416/99) [2002] Ch 109, underlined its absolute nature by establishing that the consent of the trade mark proprietor had to be such as to amount to an unequivocal renunciation of the right.
The hotel proprietor then lays the note back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.
It was formed in 1797 in order that its shareholding proprietors (members) might pursue the "acquisition of knowledge" in attractive and pleasant surroundings.
The sole proprietor is liable for all business debts and expenses.
7) The existence of the in personam exception was clearly enunciated by Lord Wilberforce in the Privy Council (on appeal from the New Zealand Court of Appeal) in the case of Frazer v Walker, where his Lordship said 'that [the] principle [of indefeasibility of title] in no way denies the right of a plaintiff to bring against a registered proprietor a claim in personam, founded in law or in equity, for such relief as a court acting in personam may grant.
Robert Jinks, of Acorns Hospice Trust, with Bashundora proprietor Kabir Uddin.
The Registry will only consider serving notice on a registered proprietor if they believe that for at least 10 years the squatter has had factual possession of the land, the necessary intention to possess the land and does not have the owner's consent.
Written by David Trahair, CA, who is the successful sole proprietor of his own financial consulting firm, The Entrepreneurial Itch: Don't Scratch Until You Read This Book is a straightforward guide to self-employment and running one's own business.