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Anything that distinguishes a company's product from other, similar products. Examples of brands include logos, catchphrases, or symbols. Brands make a product more recognizable and therefore are likely to attract customers and customer loyalty. There is often a sense among consumers that brand products are somehow better than off-brand or generic products; as a result, brand products are usually more expensive.


a distinctive name, term, sign, symbol or design used to identify a firm's product and to distinguish it from similar products offered by competitors. A brand may be given legal protection through the use of TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT. See BRANDING.


the name, term or symbol given to a product by a supplier in order to distinguish his offering from that of similar products supplied by competitors. Brand names are used as a focal point of PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION between suppliers.

In most countries, brand names and trade marks are required to be registered with a central authority so as to ensure that they are uniquely applied to a single, specific product. This makes it easier for consumers to identify the product when making a purchase and also protects suppliers against unscrupulous imitators. See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, BRAND TRANSFERENCE.

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Two of the approved NME's in 2012, choline C-11 and raxibacumab, were approved with the non-proprietary name in place of a proprietary name.
We augment our naming expertise with our global proprietary Name DNA Validation([R]) research methodology, which compares name candidates to each other and against our proprietary normative database.
Appendices include a guide to firearms trade and proprietary names and arms associations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
There, the durum pasta produced by Rey Pastificio is distributed under various proprietary names in the stores of large retailers such as Carrefour, Aldi, Reve-Billa, or Lidl.
In the last part the profile of twenty-four steroids with their alternative names, proprietary names, therapeutic dose and usage, and street information is presented.
These EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved biocides and their formulations, marketed under the proprietary names Tektamer[TM], Metasol[TM] and Biochek[TM], were previously still manufactured by Ondeo Nalco.