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MHI proprietarily developed the machine and has verified its performance and reliability through testing since January this year using an actual production model built at the Kanazawa plant of MHI's Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works.
(1.) The biggest owners of land who claimed and enjoyed proprietarily rights over the peasants.
Replacement parts can be difficult to find or almost prohibitively expensive--the LCD monitors fitted to two of our machines are proprietarily programmed/altered by the manufacturer with replacement units costing upwards of $5,000 each.
Because the Windows code is held proprietarily by Microsoft, only Microsoft employees have scanned the code looking for potential avenues of attack by hackers.
ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH, located in Munich, Germany, offers the middleware ParaStation, a proprietarily developed software application that creates a parallel environment for Linux clusters in a reliable, stable and highly efficient way.
This encompasses the range of containers proprietarily available for the water and soft drinks markets.
No longer would screw and driver be proprietarily paired.
All this time, the two men proprietarily help themselves to the exposed flesh.
Moreover, he generally is required to do so personally, rather than proprietarily. Liability usually takes the form of an obligation to pay a sum of money that represents the value of the enrichment.
hard to find anyone who comes into a meeting not knowing how they're going to vote" (115), this is because academics' proprietarily Roarkian relationship to their work trains them to think that they are bringing the truth out of the desert, rather than thinking together with other people.