property line

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Property Line

A set line denoting the extremities of a property. Property lines are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new lines within his/her old property.
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property line

The boundary line between two properties.
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Other landscape designers take a smoke-and-mirrors approach when working with narrow property lines. "By cutting decks into diagonal squares at 45-degree angles to the house, you can create depth and width," says Kerri Derian, owner of Derian Quality Pools Inc.
The hydraulic puller is usually set up at the property line pit because that pit is normally deeper, and therefore presents a more substantial head wall for the puller to pull against.
Lane County should require property owners who want to adjust their property lines to apply to the county, which would review the proposed adjustment, said LandWatch attorney Jan Wilson.
The charges against Williams could change after detectives iron out conflicting witness statements and the property line issue, which will help determine who owned the property where Young was shot.
The ownership announced a major capital improvement plan for the property that will include a complete upgrade of all the elevators and a new, dramatic lobby and entranceway extending out to the property line on Fifth Avenue.
"This is a real focus of attention for companies, wanting to be able to aggregate their exposure from all lines of business--not just the property line," she said.
Additionally, stream discharges to the wastewater system up to the property line will be 6.3 percent of all amounts billed to the steam customers.
Rockaway Boulevard, Queens: Approximately 17 acres of vacant land are available between the north property line of JFK International Airport and the southern line of Rockaway Boulevard.
The ability to have large retail windows and space along Fifth Avenue was quite valuable even in the 1920's - the December 1931 Architecture and Building cites $3,000 a front foot for the property - so by placing the major structural columns five feet in from the property line, Faile allowed for a column-free retail expanse, while supporting the eight floors of office space above.
Since they took control on January 1st, the base of the Madison Avenue and 55th Street building has actually been expanded to the property line, creating a dramatic, two-story, glass-enclosed corner retail space, rising some 35 feet above the sidewalk.

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