property line

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Property Line

A set line denoting the extremities of a property. Property lines are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new lines within his/her old property.

property line

The boundary line between two properties.
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In 1997, double-sweep tees were installed in 65 lateral service lines at homeowner property lines.
Water pipes GD NW 125 for a length of about 305 m, including house leads PE 63 up to the property line and 4 hydrants including leads
the contract is for the construction of sanitary channel to portions of the network to the property line fences fir and poplar street in legionEw.
You can plant your privets every 3 to 5 feet along your property line, depending on how quickly you want your hedge to fill in.
Lot 2 Plans and topographic material on the definition of the rights attached to land without processing property line
The lot for his project has an irregular property line that creates a narrower space at the end of the lot, which would kill the project under the proposed standards.
My property line is literally six feet from the border.
and relocate the sign to 10 feet from the property line.
The proposed ordinance requires new fences to be set back five feet from the property line, no more than 42 inches high and approved by the Design and Review Board.
But local environmentalists say officials' love of the toad stops at The Newhall Land and Farming Company's property line.

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