promotional mix

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promotional mix

the means which a firm can use to inform prospective customers of the nature and attributes of its products and to persuade them to buy and repeat-purchase those products. The promotional mix is made up of ADVERTISING, SALES PROMOTION, PERSONAL SELLING, DIRECT MARKETING and INTERNET MARKETING, PUBLIC RELATIONS.

Advertising involves the placement of ADVERTISEMENTS in the MEDIA (commercial television, newspapers, websites etc); sales promotion embraces such things as money-off-packs and free trial samples; personal selling involves visits by a firm's SALES REPRESENTATIVES to prospective customers; direct marketing involves the acquisition and retention of customers without the use of an intermediary; internet marketing refers to the use of the INTERNET to gain and keep customers; public relations is aimed at promoting the COMPANY'S IMAGE in general to establish a favourable public attitude towards the firm and its products.

In practice, most firms will use a combination of these methods to sell their products, varying the mix according to the product and buyer characteristics of a particular MARKET or MARKET SEGMENT. For example, low-price, frequently-bought consumer goods like tea are mostly promoted by mass media advertising and sales promotions, while high-price industrial or consumer goods such as cars are promoted largely by personal selling. See FOUR P'S OF MARKETING.

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"The range and promotional mix needed to be reviewed and our promotional mix of 35% just wasn't working for us.
The third type of promotional mix is called sales promotion which can also fall under the technological sales promotion if discount coupons are being distributed electronically using email (Dolan, Conduit, Fahy and Goodman, 2017).
Karunanithy and Sivesan (2013) projected that several promotional mix which is being conducted in the company which includes Sales promotion, Adverts, PR and direct marketing significantly affects the equity of the brand.
The authors have organized the fourteen chapters that make up the main body of their text in four parts devoted to an introduction to promotion, promotion preparation, use of the media and media buys, and promotional mix. Kristen K.
To reach its promotional goals, an organization develops an effective promotional mix which is a combination of strategies and a cost-effective allocation of resources.
Sport sponsorship has become one of the integral tools in the promotional mix of an organisation which has lured the researchers towards the further exploration of sport marketing.
"We are working closely with each of our retailers to optimize decisions related to selection, shelf-placement, space allocation, promotional mix and frequency, and advertising."
How do you say, "Hello?" Skipping super-close friends and relatives from the promotional mix, you might say "Good morning." OK, test that one in your direct mail.
"Ve-eva's customers can now easily add new channels as an integrated part of their promotional mix without any business disruption, helping create a differentiated customer experience, faster."
According to, Assi and Nawal weren't the only celebs in the promotional mix. Other stars like Rafiq Ali Ahmad, Nadine Al Rasi, George Khabas, Abbas Shaheen, and Rula Shamia will take part in the campaign as well.
"This stage of the training seeks to identify trainee's concepts of promotion and its characteristics, identify the components of 'promotional mix' and their effects on productive families, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the promotional mix of the productive families, and enable these families to apply the ideas and perceptions about the promotional aspects in line with modern products," said Dr Ashraf Jalal, management consultant executive at QC.
"Revenue growth accelerated throughout the quarter as we added new product verticals, improved checkout processes and enhanced the promotional mix," added Richter.

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