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Aside from guarding the BIA project site, soldiers were also guarding other vital installations in Albay province.
The delegation thanked DHA and DCK management for their support, cooperation and provision of relevant technical and planning information about the project site and said SKMT Cancer Hospital coming up in DCK would be a nucleus for provision of contemporary and most advanced cancer treatment facilities in Pakistan.
He had given these directions while having a surprise visit to project sites in district lower and upper dir.
59-hectare project site for the Integrated Transport System (ITS) Southwest Terminal before proceeding with the concession agreement signing.
Housing Assistant Undersecretary for Housing Projects, engineer Sami Abdullah Buhaz said the Housing Ministry has stepped up efforts to remove the waste that caused the emission of unpleasant smells during the recent period, and added the remaining waste will be removed within days, pointing to communicating the Supreme Council for Environment in order to obtain a permit to resume replacing the housing project site soil.
During the visit, the investors, along with the Wadhwa team, were taken on several tours to visit the MEDZ project site, the major infrastructure projects near the project site, the Wadhwa Group headquarters and some of the key marquee projects of Wadhwa Group in Mumbai.
Yongye Fumin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yongye Nongfeng, has received government approval for mineral resource exploration for its designated project site in Wuchuan, Inner Mongolia, China.
The wind resource at the project site is particularly strong relative to that at most other potential wind project sites in Nevada, and the wind turbines installed on the project site will not produce any conflicts with military airspace activities, the companies said.
Bahrain's public and private sector institutions have won praise from Japan's Kobe Steel for safe and timely delivery of heavy lifts machinery to its pelletising plant expansion project site in Hidd.
15 through March 15, the James Bay winter road covers 303 kilometres between the communities of Kashechewan, Attawapiskat and Fort Albany, who collectively own the Services Company The road also reaches Moose Factory and Moosonee, as well as the De Beers Victor project site.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 4, 2006 - (JCN) - KAN Research Institute, Eisai's research subsidiary, has begun research operations in its new facilities in the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project site.