project note

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Project Note

A short-term debt security issued by a municipality, usually in order to finance a federally-sponsored real estate or urban renewal project. When project notes are issued for this purpose, they are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are considered very low-risk bonds, and help the issuer cover the costs of a project while also avoiding taking on long-term debt.

project note (PN)

A short-term debt security issued by a municipality to finance a federally sponsored real estate project with repayment guaranteed by a pledge from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. These securities are considered very high-grade.
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NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings affirms the 'AA-' rating on approximately $407 million Kentucky Asset Liability Commission (the commission) Project Notes, Federal Highway Trust Fund, series 2005, series 2007 and series 2010.
Within the mission Formatting start and project notes, preliminary design, procurement, management and supervision of works, safety coordination, negotiation intakes and formatting documents.
A public notice on the project notes that the estimated completion date of May 2005 is just that - an estimate.
ALCO is authorized to issue tax and revenue anticipation notes, project notes and funding notes.
The contract mainly includes - Listing of the bottlenecks : - Evaluation of the current intersection configurations : - Installation of variant solutions per road segment and intersection : - The studies made solutions to technical feasibility, compatibility with the surroundings and evaluate a dynamic microsimulation traffic model : - Formatting start and project notes : - Elaboration of a draft : - Elaboration of a project EIA
4 million Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission (ALCO) Project Notes, 2007 Federal Highway Trust Fund First Series.
Fitch originally rated $200 million in ALCo project notes in October 2005, but only $100 million was issued at that time.
If you want to backup your screenplay you can email your Project with all of the script info including Cover Page, Character List, and Project Notes.
The notes are secured by taxes, income, revenue, cash receipts, and other money received for the fiscal 2000-2001 general fund; however, the project notes are really a short-term financing mechanism the district uses to cover up-front capital costs ultimately repaid over the long term with its leasing tax revenues.
NEW YORK -- The Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission's approximately $200 million project notes, 2005 general fund second series, are rated 'AA-/F1+' by Fitch.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission's (AL/Co) $127,200,000 Project Notes, 1998 General Fund Second Series A, are rated 'F1+' by Fitch IBCA.