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Americans with Disabilities Act

Legislation in the United States, passed in 1990, that extended civil rights laws to persons who are physically disabled. Among other provisions, it requires facilities to accommodate the disabled insofar as it is possible. Businesses must comply with the Act when they build or expand their buildings. For example, most new commercial buildings with steps are required to provide access for persons who use wheelchairs.


See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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For many years, developers building apps for iOS-based devices could only use one programming language called Objective-C.
A simple programming language designed to perform special or limited tasks, sometimes associated with a particular application or function.
Tasks such as order entry and executive information systems (providing an array of customized information) that once needed complex programming languages now can be implemented with spreadsheet software.
Ritchie wrote C language, a flexible-system programming language that combines powerful logical instructions with the ability to manipulate individual bits characters in the computer without using machine language of the UNIX operating System.
He sees an extention of these diagrams as a potential visual programming language.
Mike Eleftheriades from development company, Media Synthesis, is enthusiastic about Newton's programming language and Toolkit.
C# is Microsoft's powerful programming language that's easy to learn and much easier to leverage than C or C++.
the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced that has integrated the open source programming language, PHP, into its development environment.
NEW YORK -- AdaCore today introduced the latest and most versatile version of its GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) product, a sophisticated software development environment for the Ada programming language.

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