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Americans with Disabilities Act

Legislation in the United States, passed in 1990, that extended civil rights laws to persons who are physically disabled. Among other provisions, it requires facilities to accommodate the disabled insofar as it is possible. Businesses must comply with the Act when they build or expand their buildings. For example, most new commercial buildings with steps are required to provide access for persons who use wheelchairs.


See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Moving to the domestic market, in Romania, we can find and analyze the programming language requirements by the number of appearances in job announcements for some of the largest online job aggregators, such as EJobs or Hipo.
JAVA--is an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems during the '80s.
C--is a standard mid-range programming language developed during the beginning of the '70s, compiled and very much appreciated for the ergonomics of the object code.
A programming language that facilitates the development of parallel applications that run on supercomputers and other large-scale computational environments.
A programming language that is an extension of XcalableMP and OpenACC, the standard language for programming for accelerators.
Programming languages that can be used to develop applications in a short period of time while maintaining performance and that run on large-scale computation environments, such as the K computer, make it possible to accelerate the pace of research.
NET allows developers to write in other programming languages and opens up a pathway for non-.
NET is opening up a channel to developers in other programming languages through Microsoft's Common Language Runtime.

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