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The programmer codes these instructions in a conventional programming language such as Cobol; an artificial intelligence language such as Prolog; or one of the advanced object-oriented languages, such as Java or C++.
AN ARMY OF DISHEVELED COMPUTER programmers has built an operating system called Linux based on a business model that seems to have been written everything but business in mind.
At that time, character space was considered to be a premium by programmers, and the date was one place they always knew they could save.
The XEM devices provide software programmers with an ideal target for FPGA algorithm prototyping and development using the C language.
The N'Vision clinician programmer works with all Medtronic neuromodulation therapies.
It can be a daunting responsibility for programmers to create software that serves a unique function and that works consistently.
By providing incentives to programmers, whether in Brazil or the rest of the world, the lone renegade from the PC herd ensures that a steady stream of titles is available to the small market of Macintosh devotees.
Using the Employment Development Department's database of unemployed state residents, the department searched for those with computer backgrounds and identified more than 500 programmers in Los Angeles County who were unemployed the past year.
In Nosek's study, pairs of programmers solved a coding problem in about 30 minutes, and individual programmers solved the same problem in 42 minutes.
In many instances, the shortcuts that programmers once took to speed up a procedure or to save storage space in the computer's memory are no longer necessary, but such simple subterfuges as using two-digit years have survived in software enjoying a lifetime much longer than its developers had originally envisioned.
With decades of reliable and trusted programming delivery under its belt, SES AMERICOM, an SES GLOBAL company (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg stock exchanges: SESG), today announced more than 30 leading television programmers and networks representing 120 channels have signed IPTV transport agreements with SES AMERICOM and its IP-PRIME(TM) IPTV Television Broadcast Center.
We are disappointed, however, that the FCC failed to address in its Further Report the fact that a la carte can only happen if the FCC or Congress takes steps to eliminate the restrictive, unilateral contract terms imposed by large programmers and the broadcast networks," said Ramlall.

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