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When you squeezed out the three small groceries here in Berkeley by virtue of your superior combination, you swelled out your chest, talked about efficiency and enterprise, and sent your wife to Europe on the profits you had gained by eating up the three small groceries.
You don't say that you like to squeeze profits out of others, and that you are making all the row because others are squeezing your profits out of you.
When he says "free opportunity for all," he means free opportunity to squeeze profits, which freedom of opportunity is now denied him by the great trusts.
It is true that we smaller capitalists are after profits, and that the trusts are taking our profits away from us.
Do not forget," he said, "that we had tacitly agreed that liberty in your case, gentlemen, means liberty to squeeze profits out of others.
While you diligently pursued that favorite phantom of yours, called profits, and moralized about that favorite fetich of yours, called competition, even greater and more direful things have been accomplished by combination.
It could sell still at a slight profit when we were selling at actual loss.
Companies with reduced profit growth during the recession now anticipate 22 percent topline growth, compared with the 34 percent expected by those companies whose growth in profits survived the recession intact.
Nasdaq: WRLD), a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) company, delivered annual profits that were 16% higher the year-prior.
The Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) company produced annual profits last year that were 178% higher than the year-prior.