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Net profit margin is equal to how much net profit is generated as a percentage of revenue.
Lenders' net profit margin outlook has stayed negative for the tenth consecutive quarter, but has improved significantly from the survey low in the prior quarter (Q4 2018) and one year ago.
In other words, those goods that have previously been subject to VAT before the supply in question may be subject to the profit margin scheme, FTA said in a statement.
The FTA representatives provided a detailed explanation of the procedures and tax legislation related to the sale of new and used vehicles, including a detailed discussion of the Profit Margin Scheme, the conditions to apply it, the goods that qualify to be supplied under it, and the relevant obligations for the Taxable Person.
Dubai: Federal Tax Authority on Tuesday clarified that value added tax (VAT) calculation on used cars based on profit margins will be applicable only to vehicles bought after the implementation of VAT.
Mustansir said the lending rate on fresh loan disbursement, made during the single month of July, remained lower at 7.72% compared to the rate on outstanding loan at 8.08% in the month, as banks compromised on their profit margins on fresh loans due to shrinking demand for credit in the economy.
The announcement was made in a public clarification about eligible goods under the profit margin scheme, as per Federal Decree-Law No.
In addition to opportunities to manage gross profit margin afforded by the integral method of reporting, there also are incentives because of the pressure to meet or beat analysts' forecasts of quarterly earnings.
Lenders' net profit margin outlook has been negative for five consecutive quarters (since Q4 2016).
The gross profit margin for mixed-use & high-rise segment in 1H17 and 1H16 were 29.8% and 38.2% respectively.
For Apple's third quarter, management guided for a gross profit margin between 37.5% and 38.5%.