profit center

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Profit center

A division of an organization held responsible for producing its own profits.

profit center

A segment of a business for which costs, revenues, and profits are separately calculated, with the manager of the segment being responsible for and judged on the performance of that segment. A large corporation with diversified interests in paper manufacturing, trucking, and fast food may regard each of these three businesses as a profit center.
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Profit centers, to put it delicately, are primarily required to focus on taking those actions necessary to bring in revenue, by whatever means necessary.
Knowing many customers who stop at Triple Play visit more than one profit center, the owners cross promote the site's offerings in order to increase overall sales.
As with a profit center, however, a subunit could be a cost center even if the manager has very limited authority to make decisions affecting costs.
Develop ways to lead people to get the job done and master the intricacies of profit center accountability and incentive compensation.
Ginny Fess identifies enterprising employees among her staff at the Johnsson Group, a financial consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, and transforms them into a profit center.
Internet wiring firms are starting to wire up city buildings as an amenity for tenants and creating a profit center for buildings.
Managing cash may sound like a mundane task, but if you do it well you can transform your cash management function into a corporate profit center.
We truly look at our department as a profit center -- in terms of bringing money to the bottom line," Farrell said.
By setting up a database with one file for the number, name, and address of the profit center along with the management personnel, and another file with the employees and the center number, we handled two problems: one in the credit department knowing who was where and responsible for what, and the other in personnel, keeping track of the employees and in their home addresses (without sensitive payroll information).

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