profit center

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Profit center

A division of an organization held responsible for producing its own profits.
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profit center

A segment of a business for which costs, revenues, and profits are separately calculated, with the manager of the segment being responsible for and judged on the performance of that segment. A large corporation with diversified interests in paper manufacturing, trucking, and fast food may regard each of these three businesses as a profit center.
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Because of the overriding importance of funding such corporate cash needs, most companies don't think of liquidity management as a profit center. But, if you can predict your spending projections reasonably accurately, you can invest cash that you don't need immediately and contribute to your bottom line.
He most recently held the position of assistant vice president of Loss Control and has been responsible for improving overall risk management efficiency and effectiveness through strategic partnerships with Acadia agents, profit centers, professional staff and customers.
With "food" in its name, Anthony's Food Shop has made foodservice its largest profit center. In addition to homemade pizza, the store boasts homemade soups and deli salads.
You may want to consider revamping your profit center's management organization chart with the intent of putting a high level manager in charge of all in-process and finished goods storage.
With tighter budgets, some municipalities want to treat curbside programs as profit centers rather than services.
"It's become a huge career development path for our people and a profit center for us," says Margaret Johnsson.
Practice income and expenses are tracked through the group practice's central financial books to each physicians' "profit center" so that the individual's productivity and cost-effective management are rewarded.
One method is to make the marketing function a combined cost-and-contribution center, rather than a profit center. Here is roughly how this works.
"We truly look at our department as a profit center -- in terms of bringing money to the bottom line," Farrell said.
These and other questions can be answered by establishing Profit Center Accounting.
It took over the annual journalism awards program some years back (which had been a minor profit center for the association).

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