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In the context of project financing, a defined portion of the proceeds of production up to a dollar amount.
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1. The process of turning raw material into a product that is sold. For example, a company's production may involve turning silver, zinc, and mercury into a dental filling.

2. Less commonly, the revenue one derives from production.
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the act of combining FACTORS OF PRODUCTION (labour, capital, etc.) by FIRMS to produce OUTPUTS of goods and services. The relationship between inputs and outputs in physical terms is shown by the PRODUCTION FUNCTION and in cost terms by the COST FUNCTION. See BATCH PRODUCTION, MASS PRODUCTION, FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.
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Given the manifest differences in the physical and productional circumstances, it is clear that the social circumstances that define speech act felicity conditions may also be changed.
Against this, we may set the place-form or the foundational, topographic element that in one way or another is cast into the ground as a heavyweight site component that offers a form of quite literal resistance to the productional superstructure poised on top of it.
Differences in the productional processes of newspaper and television news reflect unfavorably on television news, particularly when political effects are considered.

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