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In the context of project financing, a defined portion of the proceeds of production up to a dollar amount.
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1. The process of turning raw material into a product that is sold. For example, a company's production may involve turning silver, zinc, and mercury into a dental filling.

2. Less commonly, the revenue one derives from production.
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the act of combining FACTORS OF PRODUCTION (labour, capital, etc.) by FIRMS to produce OUTPUTS of goods and services. The relationship between inputs and outputs in physical terms is shown by the PRODUCTION FUNCTION and in cost terms by the COST FUNCTION. See BATCH PRODUCTION, MASS PRODUCTION, FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.
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The author's fundamental weakness was his lack of any significant knowledge of the aircraft production program or the situations and events that led to the continuous stream of delays, revised schedules, and changing quantities!
Detailed information about the Toon Boom Pilot Production Program can be found online at:
Cano studied a year of television production before getting into Confederation College's highly competitive film production program.
Production program units are more likely to have modern amenities, whereas voucher units typically have amenities characteristic of older rental properties.
Among projects covered by the grant are the improvement of a facility of Indonesia's state-run television, a research program on decentralization in Indonesia and a basic food production program in the country's 10 provinces.
Vorburger, and the NIST Publications Production Program for their dedicated work in producing this volume.
The Terios production program in Venezuela was devised in view of growing demand in the Latin American market for small SUVs that carry the characteristics of a passenger car.
NLC's written recommendations to the commission included strengthening existing federal programs such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships programs, while promoting an affordable housing production program, and improving the Section 8 program.
She studied political science before entering Concordia University's film production program in 1987, and after graduation (with honours) moved quickly towards documentary making.
There is an interesting twist here: Section 202 may be the last remaining Federal housing production program in existence, but the Clinton Administration has wanted to eliminate it, while Congress voted to preserve its funding.
Pinol said the DA would kick start its sorghum production program (SPP) to supplement the country's yellow corn output for the needs of the feed milling and livestock sectors.
The Undefinitized Contract Action award represents the first F-16 Block 70 sale and the first F-16 production program to be performed in Greenville, South Carolina.

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