production management

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production management


operations management

The administration of the conversion process which transforms labour, materials and capital inputs into final products. Production management involves:
  1. planning the design and construction of the production system.

    System design decisions include such things as the determination of manufacturing methods – batch production, mass production (see PRODUCTION), acquisition and arrangement of plant (see FACTORY LAYOUT), and the establishment of schedules for the production of each item (see PRODUCTION SCHEDULING);

  2. controlling the operation, performance and running of the physical facilities and predetermined production plans which constitute the production system. Decisions relating to the operation of the production system involve PRODUCTION CONTROL, PURCHASING, QUALITY CONTROL, STOCK CONTROL, WORK STUDY, and MAINTENANCE of equipment. See also MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNING, JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM, MANUFACTURING RESOURCE PLANNING, DISTRIBUTION RESOURCE PLANNING, NETWORK ANALYSIS, WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING, OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY, POKE YOKE.
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This enables the tabulation and analysis of such information as work delays and response conditions for each lot, resulting in more efficient production management. Furthermore, sharing of results data among agricultural producers promotes the acquisition of cultivation techniques and improved work quality.
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She covers technology; technological systems; determining the time of technology operations in clothing production; the ergonomic workplace; analyzing the planning, layout, and logistics in garment manufacturing; and production management.
They even wish to take certain points further, in particular by giving a role in production management, under certain conditions, to producer organisations responsible for protected designations and indications.
Tropos will give managers a clear and up-to-date view of operations across the business by integrating areas from sales order management to purchasing, financial control to production management and from inventory management to final dispatch.
GE Intelligent Platforms has been selected by Qatar Steel to provide a complete production management solution, GE announced on Thursday.
Provides individualized business counseling pertaining to Internet technology assistance, financial projection, business planning, marketing and promotion as well as production management. In addition, provides free or nominal cost training through workshops, special events and video conferencing.
Whole Foods Market plans to install foodservice software at its Rockville, Md., commissary to optimize its production management, requisitions and transfers.The Austin, Texas-based natural and organic products retailer will implement the CorTec Enterprise Software system from Culinary Software Services, Inc., a Boulder, Colo.-based provider of back-of-the-house technology for the foodservice industry.The Rockville commissary provides prepared and packaged foods for more than 30 stores in the area.
According to Finnair the aim of these changes, which will come into effect on 1 October 2009, is to improve management of its service product and sales and provide more efficient planning of the use of resources and production management.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted in early August a training for poultry veterinarians and production management specialists of the region in reduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) risk for poultry operations and improving of profitability of the domestic poultry production.
* Management Matters Archives--Catch up on more than 10 years of production management and other sage advice served up by international consultant Tom Dossenbach
The increase in gross margin was mainly due to the unit product cost decrease as a result of better economies of scale and the improvement of cost control, equipment technical improvement and lean production management that increased production efficiency and reduced production waste.