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The DA said farmers planting fiber crops, particularly abaca, have registered production losses amounting to P478,000.
Vegetable gardens in the province are mostly backyard in nature but with the occurrence of El Nino, still production losses reached to an estimated amount of P1,019,477.
This work also attempts to calculate the magnitude of production losses due to different size of lags in accomplishing production orders.
Recently, quantitative risk assessment methodology has been utilized in commercial applications for minimizing production losses in complex plants with multiple interacting units and processes.
Intralox has announced the arrival of the Series 1600 Mesh Top--a belt designed with an open area large enough to effectively drain products while minimising the risk of items falling through and causing production losses.
If there was an insulation failure with any equipment, the resulting damage could include production losses and repair costs.
A USDA report estimates agricultural production losses from Hurricane Katrina and the drought in the eastern Corn Belt to be nearly $900,-000,000.
75 percent and are intended to cover actual production losses to a maximum of $500,000.
Even as developing countries struggle to stem production losses, use of new lands in the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere could allow industrial nations to expand cereal production.
But these vaccines can cause adverse reactions in some birds, with resulting production losses.
Above the 30% and 20% thresholds for production losses, therefore, farms are deemed to have fallen prey to a natural disaster.
7 billion yen (pounds 24 million) against the Iwat closure and said that production losses at the plant, which specialises in chips used in smart cards, was continuing to affect group sales and profits.