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production line


assembly line

a means of organizing PRODUCTION whereby a product is manufactured by passing it through a series of operations, further materials or components being added as appropriate. This method of production is used in, for example, the production of motor cars and electrical products such as television sets.

In planning an assembly line careful attention must be paid to PRODUCTION-LINE BALANCING to ensure that all operations are synchronized so as to produce a preplanned volume of output.

Assembly-line methods usually involve breaking down production operations into many small tasks. This has the benefit of reducing the complexity of each task, reducing the skill demanded of production operatives and reducing training costs. Such lines also create opportunities to use specialized purpose-built machines to undertake particular production or assembly processes (see AUTOMATION, ROBOT). Assembly line methods also facilitate the use of special materials-handling devices like conveyor belts which reduce materials-handling costs. Finally, use of assembly lines serves to reduce stock holdings of raw materials and components between production processes by making it easier to estimate daily production and usage.

On the other hand, assembly lines are vulnerable to breakdowns and disruptions since a breakdown at any point on the assembly line stops the whole production process. In addition, the speed at which the line is operated can cause stress problems for operatives. Finally, the limited and repetitive nature of each operation can lead to worker demotivation. To counter such motivational problems some companies use job enrichment programmes whereby operatives undertake a wider range of activities, or interchange between activities (see JOB DESIGN AND REDESIGN). See PRODUCT-FOCUSED LAYOUT, JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.

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The 12 project partners, consisting of SMEs, large companies and research institutions, strive for the production lines to ultimately be able to mass-produce at least 50,000 components per year, in addition to producing over 10,000 individual and spare parts, at the highest quality and under extreme cost pressure.
'The transfer of one production line from Salalah will reduce the amount of equipment depreciation and improve the competitive position of Salalah Macaroni Factory', the company added.
Green Fields has five production lines for cheese with a monthly capacity of 600 tonnes, along with a a monthly production line of 500 tonnes of white cheese.
Reportedly, on 23 April 2018 Valoe had disclosed that it had purchased a solar cell production line from Italian Megacell S.r.l, under liquidation, and signed a cooperation agreement with SoliTek.
Clean energy company Valoe Oyj (HEL:VALOE) announced on Monday the purchase of a solar cell production line from Italian Megacell S.r.l, which is under liquidation.
RMN-SFLA-PR algorithm has a 100 % success rate in the low-dimensional cases of the 4 benchmark (dj38) and converged to optimum ten times faster than individual algorithms in JSSP to solve MNW for the real world production line. They use MatLab environment for creating mathematical model and discrete system simulation environment Simio for testing the newly proposed algorithm on real world example.
Gordon Burns, the group head of human resources, said: "The new production line is being built to help assist with the company's drive to bring all our production facilities in line with our world class manufacturing standards.
From the final two production lines A, B reliability of the fuzzy hierarchy comprehensive evaluation score is visible, that is [Q.sub.A])[Q.sub.B], the reliability of the production line A is better than the reliability of the production line B.
Whether you need to modify your used production line to improve its capacity or an entire new machine, you can use our technology to get your products and services to market faster and reduce your operating costs.
Most importantly, the pallets must be composed exclusively of cases from the same production line to enable easier track-and-trace capability throughout the plant.
The solution has been the simplification of the production line under the auspices of Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation (TEA) platform.
Allegedly, MOEA has been assisting HTC Corp., a globally leading smartphone supplier, in upgrading its assembly lines with smart-automation technologies for the moment, while supporting Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., the world's largest electronic manufacturer, to set up unmanned robotic production lines in a factory located in northern Taiwan.

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