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In the context of project financing, a defined portion of the proceeds of production up to a dollar amount.
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1. The process of turning raw material into a product that is sold. For example, a company's production may involve turning silver, zinc, and mercury into a dental filling.

2. Less commonly, the revenue one derives from production.
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the act of combining FACTORS OF PRODUCTION (labour, capital, etc.) by FIRMS to produce OUTPUTS of goods and services. The relationship between inputs and outputs in physical terms is shown by the PRODUCTION FUNCTION and in cost terms by the COST FUNCTION. See BATCH PRODUCTION, MASS PRODUCTION, FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.
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Analysis on the influential mechanism of financial services and fiscal incentives on agricultural production efficiency
The inclusion of vegetable oil as binder has a visible change in the production efficiency from 50.6%, to 88.90% when ratio of vegetable oil to water was increased from 0.20:0.03 to 0.20:0.05 (Fig.3).
With sales of machine tools totaling US$1.15 billion in 2011, chairman Jimmy Chu said the group will map out precision production flow charts and sharpen management skills to boost production efficiency and slash production costs.
Moreover, a multipart stage for removing the impurities seen in the carbon nanotubes is considered," he added.Jahanshahi proposed an equation stating the correlation between affecting factors and production efficiency which could predict the production efficiency according to definite parameters.
"Through the investment we've been able to improve production efficiency greatly, and now have a line that can be easily adapted to produce other grades than the ones we're producing today," he said.
Summary: The CGGVeritas Symphony vessel achieved a new industry record for 3D seismic production efficiency by acquiring 2,490 sq km of data during the month of January.
The technical ability of Rexam's production team offers its customers product differentiation, added value, sophistication and enhanced production efficiency, according to the company.
MANAMA: Global Investment House expects the formation of the GCC common market will result in increase of production efficiency.
This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study assessed the supplement combination versus inactive placebo on measures of mitochondrial energy production efficiency. Impaired mitochondrial function generates excessive free radicals, which in turn contribute to disease processes and tissue damage.
By studying each foundry operation including process requirements, space, material handling needs and more, we design systems that are easily integrated into your system to help achieve maximum production efficiency and control costs of operation.
which focuses on improving production efficiency and techniques.

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