production control

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production control


process control

the coordination and monitoring of production programmes and targets. Production control involves a number of activities, in particular:
  1. minimizing operational variations from production schedules, PROGRESS CHASING and dealing with problems so as to avoid losing output;
  2. controlling manufacturing costs by monitoring the use of materials and labour inputs and taking action to avoid wastage where necessary (see COST CONTROL);
  3. controlling product quality by inspection to detect defective products and taking action to remedy deficiencies (see QUALITY CONTROL);
  4. controlling MACHINE UTILIZATION by monitoring machine usage and avoiding idle time or machine down-time. See also PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION SCHEDULING, OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY, POKE YOKE.
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Production Control Servicesa[euro](tm) offering includes PCS Plunger Lift, Opti-Flow Gas Lift, Nitro2Go Nitrogen Generation, and PCS Well Site SCADA, which increase the efficiency, longevity, and profitability of oil and natural gas wells.
The aim of this study was to investigate how value recovery and production control are affected by the measurement techniques used in bucking, log sorting, and log breakdown.
In his new position, as senior manager of production control and planning, Bill will continue maintaining production control, but with the additional responsibility of the company's long-term development schedule, looking specifically at cost controls for new models.
These packages offer everything production control systems do plus complete MRP II with MPS and forecasting, shop floor control, capacity planning and routing.
The production control systems for Sequoia will feature VetcoGray's deepwater ModPod technology.
Overseeing production at excavator manufacturer Komatsu UK has become the responsibility of Bill Plender, who has been promoted to senior manager of production control and planning.
It operates using different modules for cost estimating, order processing, scheduling, purchasing, production scheduling, quality assurance, production control, inventory, job cost, sales analysis, shipping and invoicing.
employs electronic counting scales for SQC and production control.
Tenders are invited for Production Control System Upgrade
Specific applications for the SLS 6000 include quality inspection and production control, dimensional thickness and cross-sectional profiles, on-line thickness, and more.

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