product specification

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product specification

a detailed inventory of all the raw materials and components which comprise a product and their exact sizes and qualities (a ‘bill of materials’). The product specification will also list all the manufacturing and assembly processes involved in making the product. Once a product specification is drawn up it can be used for organizational buying (see PURCHASING), PRODUCT COSTING purposes and as a basis for PRODUCTION SCHEDULING.

Product specifications for consumer products are strongly influenced by MARKETING considerations relating to the features and performance of the product considered to be appealing to buyers. For example, the product specification for a car could include comfort, speed, reliability safety features etc. See MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE.

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Product specification and labelling has become incredibly complex for retailers and manufacturers, meaning they increasingly seek expert advice and support from external partners.
Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), you, as a seller of castings, must comply exactly to the product specifications when tendering your castings to a buyer.
Expanded features in this version include a simpler look and feel; the ability to select a geographical region and preferred units; an updated GPS; an expanded calculator function, which can now save results to a list and upload past results from that list; and the ability to select individual product specifications to be compared in a dynamic format.
Cook said that Apple is focused on giving customers 'that a-ha moment' rather than talking about product specifications.
Manufacturers of removable media typically build their media under rigorous process controls to guarantee that product specifications are met for durability and archival stability.
The brochure provides an overview of the company, quick reference charts for selecting and ordering the proper tools, and information on product features, benefits, applications and accessories, as well as product specifications and dimensions.
Two NIST scientists represented NIST at the meeting of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 213 on Dimensional and Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) and Verification and its component Working Groups (WGs), held in June 2000, in Berlin.
They obtain product specifications in an abstract manner tapping the unconscious desires of the public and discerning what their company should produce, always in line with their companies' capabilities.
Until the early 1980s, the EC tried to write detailed product specifications, with little success.

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