product specification

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product specification

a detailed inventory of all the raw materials and components which comprise a product and their exact sizes and qualities (a ‘bill of materials’). The product specification will also list all the manufacturing and assembly processes involved in making the product. Once a product specification is drawn up it can be used for organizational buying (see PURCHASING), PRODUCT COSTING purposes and as a basis for PRODUCTION SCHEDULING.

Product specifications for consumer products are strongly influenced by MARKETING considerations relating to the features and performance of the product considered to be appealing to buyers. For example, the product specification for a car could include comfort, speed, reliability safety features etc. See MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE.

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Manufacturers can exempt one or more product specifications from verification requirements if it is determined and documented that the specifications are not able to verify that the production and process control system is producing a dietary supplement that meets the exempted product specification and there is no scientifically valid method for testing or examining such exempted product specification at the finished batch stage.
Product specification and labelling has become incredibly complex for retailers and manufacturers, meaning they increasingly seek expert advice and support from external partners.
Managing Director Dr Ray Shaw said "Selection of a preferred product specification for the South Galilee Project is a significant step as it forms the basis around which our project execution strategy is being designed.
Global products, on the other hand, may bear different brands but share identical or nearly identical product specifications. And they offer tremendous potential for leverage.
Since most process decisions are driven by part specifications, having access to product specification, i.e., geometric dimensions and tolerances, will let CAM systems develop a new range of process planning functionality.
The AASHTO SOM is expected to decide on this proposed recycled asphalt shingle product specification at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Aug.
He specializes in helping the company communicate with vendors in French-speaking countries and translates materials like product specification and orders from French to English.
ProcessPoint logically fits into the RtPM suite by providing real-time product specification data and displaying it in a role-based view so that users have "one version of the truth" for this information.
In addition to an increase in quality, the system has boosted operator confidence, allowing them to operate closer to the process constraints and the minimum product specification. Making product closer to the specification reduces the amount of fiber giveaway.
The catalog allows simplified product specification and ordering through authorized distributors.

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