product range

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Fig. 71 Product range. An example from the car-manufacturing industry.

product range

the number of PRODUCTS and BRANDS sold by a firm. Depending upon the firm's degree of SPECIALIZATION or DIVERSIFICATION its product range may be classified as follows:
  1. product line or product class: a number of closely-related products. The products in a line may serve a particular consumer segment or price range, or may be used together by the consumer, or may employ common distribution outlets. For example, a motorcar supplier such as Ford offers a number of different versions of a particular model, say the Mondeo (differentiated by engine size, trim, accessories etc.), within a limited price band designated in Fig. 71 as ‘basic’, ‘de luxe’ and ‘super de luxe’. Alternatively, a kitchenware supplier may market together as a product line such items as food mixers, toasters and kettles;
  2. product group or product family:

    a combination of individual PRODUCT LINES which together constitute a firm's product offering to a particular MARKET. A motorcar supplier like Ford, for instance, offers a number of different car models (Cougar, Mondeo, Focus and Ka) to serve different segments of the motorcar market (see Fig. 71);

  3. product mix: all the PRODUCT GROUPS and PRODUCT LINES which together constitute a firm's total product offering. The firm's product range might be closely related or very diverse depending upon the spread of the firm's business interests. Ford's product mix, for instance, consists primarily of motorcars, trucks and tractors, while a more diversified company will produce many different products. (see DIVERSIFICATION). See MARKET SEGMENTATION, PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE, PRODUCT-MARKET MATRIX, MARKETING MIX, PRODUCT LINE PRICING, PRODUCT VARIETY.
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The new product range is now on sale at Pakistan State Oil stations in Karachi and will be made available nationwide in 3 to 4 days as product transhipment to central/north region is currently underway.
The new product range is now on sale at PSO stations in Karachi and will be made available nationwide in 3 to 4 days as product transhipment to central/north region is currently underway.
The entry level product range, dubbed Prime, will be available with Blaupunkt dealers in dealerships across India.
Available exclusively to intermediaries, the new Mortgage Trust product range includes 14 highly competitive fixed rate products, with a variety of terms and Loan to Value options (LTVs).
United States-based Cardium Therapeutics' operating unit, To Go Brands, is planning to launch its VitaRocks children's vitamins product range at certain Target stores from April 2013.
28 April 2011 - Metro's store chain Kaufhof plans to expand its online product range and generate more than EUR100m in online sales in the next few years, or 3% of its current sales, Kaufhof CEO Lovro Mandac said in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
PMC Telecom, a supplier of digital DECT cordless phones in the UK, announced that it has expanded its product range over 2010.
This means that the product range can be adopted for chip-on-board designs.
Steve will be the product specialist responsible for coordinating sales and customer support across all of Stable Micro Systems' product range for quality testing in the food, packaging and other industries.
The Wireless product range, meets the needs of the rapidly growing industrial machine to machine communications market.
Muraspec, Europe's leading manufacturer of wallcoverings, has redesigned its product range binder.
But these two custom manufacturers believe it to be an ideal marriage that expands each company's product range and exploits their core competencies.

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