product proliferation

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product proliferation

production of a number of similar products by the same firm under a number of different BRAND names. Product proliferation may be used as a COMPETITIVE STRATEGY by a firm seeking to target many different market segments and as a means of creating BARRIERS TO ENTRY.


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This has resulted in product proliferation, commoditisation and marketplace clutter, and has left consumers with a bewildering array of parity options.
With product differentiation comes product proliferation, Venkataraman states.
Contact center agents struggle to keep up with their company's offerings due to increased product proliferation and the broadening scope of customer queries.
At the Inside ETFs 2016 conference in Hollywood, Florida, Vanguard Chairman & CEO Bill McNabb made "a plea to competitors" to slow the pace of product proliferation.
The shape, color and appealing design of a package must communicate the attractiveness of the product in the sea of product proliferation of similar items on the store shelves.
The 18th annual State of the Financial Services Industry report examines the complexity drivers of greatest concern for financial institutions: regulation, multi-channel customer interaction, fragmented systems, product proliferation and geographic expansion.
Product proliferation and the number of SKUs and facings can make shelf presentation tricky.
There was also 47 per cent growth in wagering in William Hill US from product proliferation and mobile expansion.
is shared by most category suppliers, although some express concern over how the category will deal with such factors as product proliferation and its impact on the hurried consumer; what one manufacturer refers to as "basic and elevated" oral care products and the type of purchaser each tends to attract; and the economy.
Weiske says retailers appreciate the fact that the Cat's Pride brand (as well as the Jonny Cat brand, which sells mainly on the West Coast) does not engage in product proliferation.
Operational transformation: Analysts seem well aware that mergers, geographic expansion, new regulations and product proliferation have created a heavy drag on insurers' operational performance.

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