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The act of buying, especially for business purposes. This term is often used in the energy industries; for example, one may procure oil in order to refine it.


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As was noted, the procurements tested the ability of the FAR to optimally meet the requirements of the RDT&E environment, the patience of the procurement system in addressing and eventually accepting innovative concepts, and the professionalism of the disparate technical and procurement communities in accomplishing a very different but mutually beneficial goal.
In all applications, the designs required significant procurement effort to fabricate and test systems, and when appropriate, the designs were also carried internally into prototype production.
Links to additional examples of acquisition flexibilities and a matrix outlining the special emergency procurement authority are contained in the attachment.
It will spearhead public procurement in cyberspace as MIPS is currently being adapted for use across the civil service of Singapore by early next year.
However, it is not a commercial practice to use such an arrangement for procurement of military equipment, especially if we are talking about fighter aircraft.
This anticompetitive procurement language increases prices and reduces quantities, product variety, and quality.
Governments around the world have recognized the problem of closed procurement in the IT sector and the Argentine, Austrian, Belgian, Canadian, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, U.
We are concerned that the interim guidelines, the extensive news coverage and the related uncertainties surrounding government procurement are already having a chilling effect in this marketplace.
The Association plays the leading role in issues of IT industry concern including information security, taxes and finance policy, digital intellectual property protection, telecommunications competition, workforce and education, immigration, online privacy and consumer protection, government IT procurement, human resources and e-commerce policy.
In a real-time reverse-auction procurement event, opportunities for both buyers and suppliers are optimized.
In the public sector, procurement departments typically operate on scheduled budgets.
This recent procurement, named Desktop V, comprises a number of systems including notebooks, desktops and servers, with the total number amounting to 360,000 computers and 10,000 servers.

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