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Commodities Exchange Center

A building in New York that once provided the offices and trading floors for Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange, Commodity Exchange, Inc, New York Cotton Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, and New York Mercantile Exchange. It was built in 1977 and used until the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when the Center was badly damaged. After this, the five exchanges found different offices.
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At the same time, data entered on the minicomputers can be passed to the state's IBM 3081 processor complex, allowing for additional processing, review and compilation.
As IBM added more and more engines to the multichip module (MCM) processor complex, eventually it decided to use extra engines in the MCM as hot stand-bys in the event of a component failure or as capacity on demand.
In contrast, an early-market InfiniBand-SCSI TCA will likely consist of an InfiniBand-PCI front-end chip, a processor complex like i960 or PowerPC (with memory), and a PCI-SCSI back-end chip.
Since 1997, when IBM launched the "Apache" generation of AS/400e and RS/6000 servers that used the same processor complexes, the AS/400 customer has been gouged at list price.

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