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Problem Child

In growth share matrices, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require large cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate at a loss or with little profit. These companies are normally growing rapidly (hence the need for cash) but represent new markets, products, or brands. Problem children represent an initial stage in growth share matrices; they have the potential to become stars or cash cows, but also to become dogs, depending on how the relevant markets grow. Analysts carefully evaluate problem children to determine whether or not they should be divested. A problem child is also called a question mark. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.
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problem child

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Which reality TV show about problem children starred Jo Frost?
Furthermore, to headline this report 'Problem Children' conveys the impression that all immigrant children are 'problem children'.
Mrs Taylor said: "The proposal is creative, gives the communities of Ingleby Barwick and Egglescliffe the opportunity of sharing high-quality education, reduces the need to bus to school and delivers a solution to the difficult problem children in Ingleby Barwick face when they move into secondary education." The MP said she has discussed the relocation of Egglescliffe school with Mr Knight after talks with headteacher, Angela Darnell and local IBIS councillors..
New guidance from the Assembly government also promises more support for famlies of problem children.
Problem children are sometimes harder to deal with than usual.
Yet we keep hearing today of out of control classes and stressed-out teachers and hand wringing authorities who have no idea how to deal with problems other than to discourage schools from excluding problem children - although this is apparently the only real sanction available to them when mere force of personality is not enough.
It is the most common problem children ring ChildLine about: 37,000 children rang last year alone.
As the number of broken homes increases year on year, school teachers are having to deal with a growing number of problem children. The demise of the traditional family is creating a toxic circle for children, leading to educational failure, crime and unemployment and poverty.
The extra resources will help pay for classes for parents with problem children, projects to tackle disruptive neighbours and sessions for the public to talk to the police and councillors.
Winnicott's theory about parents specifically mothers being "good enough parents" who are not overwhelmed by a child's behavior can extend to how schools treat "problem children." "Good enough parents" are not frozen by their children's anger and temper tantrums they do not withdraw or become rigid in their control of the child's emotional reaction.
Headteacher Liz Steele says: "Problem children can be turned round at an early stage, so they are not excluded later.
TONY Blair wants to spot potential problem children before birth and use anti-social behaviour orders and parenting orders more widely to get parents to discipline their offspring.

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