problem child

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Problem Child

In growth share matrices, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require large cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate at a loss or with little profit. These companies are normally growing rapidly (hence the need for cash) but represent new markets, products, or brands. Problem children represent an initial stage in growth share matrices; they have the potential to become stars or cash cows, but also to become dogs, depending on how the relevant markets grow. Analysts carefully evaluate problem children to determine whether or not they should be divested. A problem child is also called a question mark. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.

problem child

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That way I could conceal my shortcomings by becoming a problem child.
After he was picked by England Coach Steve McNamara on residency grounds for the last Four Nations, Chase has been a problem child for Cas, after being suspended and investigated by the club for a period last year, whilst persistent transfer speculation linked him to a whole host of clubs.
It was the two Australian entries Black Betty, skippered by Gary McNally, and Problem Child, skippered by Brian McMaster, that battled down to the wire.
Fears of a 'double dip recession' are mounting as Greece continues to be the problem child of the eurozone.
A problem child that has a relatively low share of an attractive market either requires investment to turn it into a star or should be allowed to decline to a dog with no investment.
Summary: New York, April 19, 2010, SPA -- Citigroup, once the problem child among US banks, said today it boasted a record recovery in the first quarter with profits of 4.
A source said: "He was not a problem child and there were no social services issues.
SAAB may have hit the buffers, but Cadillac, GM's other problem child, has an emergent star.
The Old Skool room has special guest DJ Swan-E & MC Chalkie White, Shock C, The Saint, Rob May, Problem Child & Mick Stickland and the Globe Bar entertainment will be a live session from Coventry's own 91dB.
Nevertheless, The Problem Child is an exciting, inventive tale.
Struggling teen, troubled teen, problem child, rebellious one--these terms are all too familiar in coping with or addressing youths who show signs of distress.
I often feel pressure not to hold students troubling emotions and not to suspend judgement but to fix the problem child.

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