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The economic system in which the means of production is privately held. In capitalism, the most important means of production is money rather than land (as in feudalism) or labor (as in socialism). That is, the ability to raise and use money for the production of goods and services is more important than owning the land from which goods come, or the ability to work in order to create a good or service. As a result, government policies generally target the regulation (or not) of money and its uses rather than those of property and/or labor. While capitalism is often associated with laissez-faire policies, governments often involve themselves in capitalist countries. The appropriate amount of government intervention in a capitalist system remains hotly debated.


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Either private enterprise or public enterprise--isn't inherently an either/or question?
This will help to accelerate a profound structural shift within China's economy, with private enterprise absorbing more capital and workers.
WASHINGTON, May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- International Executive Service Corps (IESC) - the US not-for-profit whose experts help private enterprises in developing countries - is proud to celebrate its 50[sup.
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Peterson Chairman, The Blackstone Group Co-Chair, The Conference Board's Commission on Public Trust and Private Enterprise
With the slackening off of the work by private enterprise in the recession, we have been able to more than make up the deficiency with government funded or sponsored construction.
WASHINGTON, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- In a quarterly poll of 400 small business owners, nine out of 10 believe the recent Supreme Court ruling affecting the Home Office Deduction is unfair, according to the National Association of Private Enterprise (NAPE).
23 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association of Private Enterprise (NAPF), a 40,000-member organization comprised primarily of small business owners with 10 or fewer employees, endorsed the "S Corporation Reform Act of 1993," a bill introduced Friday in the U.
Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), a leading provider of reliability consulting, engineering services and applied technology solutions for government and private enterprise, is pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Franklin to Senior Vice President, Reliability Consulting Group (RCG).
The poll, sent to 45,000 members of the National Association of Private Enterprise (NAPE), was answered by 1,190 respondents.
CONTACT: Andra Bennett, director, public affairs, National Association of Private Enterprise, 817-428-4243/

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