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The economic system in which the means of production is privately held. In capitalism, the most important means of production is money rather than land (as in feudalism) or labor (as in socialism). That is, the ability to raise and use money for the production of goods and services is more important than owning the land from which goods come, or the ability to work in order to create a good or service. As a result, government policies generally target the regulation (or not) of money and its uses rather than those of property and/or labor. While capitalism is often associated with laissez-faire policies, governments often involve themselves in capitalist countries. The appropriate amount of government intervention in a capitalist system remains hotly debated.
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1 Sources of private enterprise income 7,464.7 7,963.8
They marginalized Keynesians and breathlessly re endorsed the old pre 1929 neoclassical" economics that exalted private enterprise and free markets as guarantors of prosperity.
1 show the results of the marginal effects change in the recognition of cloud computing importance in public institution and private enterprise workers.
Does not this WAG understand that private enterprise need loans not bridges and cafes that no one will use because we are all out of work!
Yin, stood firm on their faith in the private enterprise route as the foundation of Taiwan's economic recovery and growth.
Insurance Company Beazley Group (LSE:BEZ.L) announced on Friday that Sarah Lamberg has been appointed to the US Private Enterprise underwriting team.
"As you see a lot of companies expanding into China, there's going to have to be some sort of compromise or understanding between the Chinese government and private enterprise if they hope to continue to attract that kind of private enterprise.
As someone, despite mental illness, who in the past has worked for the government, council and private enterprise, I know just how demanding all three are, particularly private enterprise.
We all have heard the cries of lack of regulation aimed at the Government, yet do the shareholders or top management not have a responsibility to self-regulate their own companies, or is that not part of private enterprise?
The gathering drew more than 8,000 of the world's leading decision makers in sustainable development from 177 nations representing governments, academia, private enterprise, media, and the nonprofit sector, as well as the United Nations.
It did not involve private enterprise, and I ask was it the store chain or was it an approach from outside interests?
Private enterprise and public governance at first seem to be completely different species, but public agencies are often charged with supporting private enterprise.

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