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Used in the context of general equities. As a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. As a noun, a trade.
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1. Informal; to execute an order by making a trade.

2. Informal; a trade.

In both cases, the term is most applicable when the trade appears on a ticker tape or is otherwise publicly recorded.
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The appearance of securities transactions on the composite tape.
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The appellate court concluded that the foundation of evidence provided -- the officer's testimony that he believed the subject profile belonged to the girlfriend based on a photo of her with the defendant, her birth date, and references to the defendant noting his nickname -- was sufficient to authenticate the printout. The court stated that there is no reason why social media profiles could not be circumstantially authenticated in the same manner as other forms of electronic communication, i.e., by their content and context.
To e-print, or not to e-print: Send a mail to your printer, and find your printout waiting for you.
KaPo is now also checking if the printouts constitute illegal private surveillance of another person with the aim of collecting data about him.
During the individual consultation, participants were provided with the color printouts of their bone density results with graphic images and graphs.
This might not be so telling had Diebold not subsequently charged Maryland, according to the Center for American Progress, an additional $20 million for the paper printouts. When questioned, Diebold spokesperson David Bear denied any link between the high price and Ken's e-mails, stating he "could not comment on the email or its authenticity but ...
In some markets, there is a waiting list for Epson's top printers, which can provide printouts up to 40-inches wide.
Most Inter-Continental Hotels also let guests receive printouts and burn data to CD-ROMs at the reception desk.
After examining her e-mail and Internet printouts, White came to some conclusions about humanity, and found that modern technology may not be as divisive as was previously thought.
The Web-based system eliminated "monstrous files and computer printouts," said Spieler.
They also seized printouts and email records showing he had sent indecent photos to the US.
This document consists of the user's guide to and printouts from a CD-ROM that is designed to show how teachers at the middle school, secondary, and postsecondary levels are using the Internet and World Wide Web as tools in the learning process.
The system features true real-time graphic display, a wide variety of testing parameters, color printouts, and a 1,000 patient memory.