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Used in the context of general equities. As a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. As a noun, a trade.


1. Informal; to execute an order by making a trade.

2. Informal; a trade.

In both cases, the term is most applicable when the trade appears on a ticker tape or is otherwise publicly recorded.


The appearance of securities transactions on the composite tape.
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It includes roughly the same litigants and touches upon many of the same issues -- most significantly the suitability of paper printouts to stand as comprehensive surrogates of electronic originals.
They could cut parts of the poses out, use the entire printout, or cut it up and rearrange it onto the final 36 x 42" (91 x 107 cm paper.
Because the questioned documents were typewritten and the documents of known authorship were computer printouts, the Laboratory could not conduct a traditional document comparison examination.
The DAT's are Hunkar's latest versions, with the new Auto Learn, printout and gauge-input features described below.
Among the availabe screen displays and hard copies are: a CRT listing and printout of the names and computer-record numbers of all patients in a monthly file, for use as an index; a CRT listing of statistics on a single organism, needed when a physician asks for drug susceptibilities; and printouts of all data in the main file, sorted by patient name, by floor, by organism, or by specimen.
In addition, PUPs eliminates the need to interface with a software program since a printout is automatically generated when the PakSense Ultra Reader is connected.
Now, you can hold on to more unforgettable moments with loved ones in personalized printouts when you buy your own 20-sheet pack of HP ZINK Photo Paper at a 50% discount from any HP Stores and other participating retail stores nationwide.
The groceries are pulled from the shelves at Vons' new Pavilions store on McBean Parkway by personal shoppers equipped with handheld scanners and computer printouts.
These printouts also serve as a history of heating system operations, which can be used in court to disprove unjustified tenant complaints about insufficient heat.
However, "[s]ince that time, courts have become more accepting of computer printouts without much authentication, overruling `Garbage In, Garbage Out' arguments" (Merill 1999; Jablon 1997)
The tables are also available on printouts or diskettes; for subscription information, write to the National Income and Wealth Division (BE-54), Bureau of Economic Analysis, Washington, DC 20230 or call (202) 606-9700.
To enable easy identification of different spreadsheet versions, headers or footers on printouts should show the date and time of printing.