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Used in the context of general equities. As a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. As a noun, a trade.
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1. Informal; to execute an order by making a trade.

2. Informal; a trade.

In both cases, the term is most applicable when the trade appears on a ticker tape or is otherwise publicly recorded.
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The appearance of securities transactions on the composite tape.
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The fire officer, who does not want to be identified, has provided print-outs from the brigades computers for several times during the past week.
She pushes the print-outs into a neat pile with the most promising one on the top.
"The portraits here are digital print-outs and each of them is different.
This helps keep documents secure by requiring users to swipe a card at the print station before print-outs are released.
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Therefore, Design Plus goes beyond computer print-outs. Based on these print-outs, an artist's pencil or color perspective illustration of the completed room can be requested.
RUUD van Nistelrooy is producing the computer print-outs that tell Sir Alex Ferguson he will play in the Champions League first leg clash with AC Milan next month.
This will ensure that users get their print-outs in less time, according to TallyGenicom.
Even if a person makes a photocopy of documents bearing such patterns by using non-Ricoh copiers, the resultant print-outs will be garbled because hitherto-masked characters reading ''Duplication Unauthorized'' will suddenly appear on the surface of copies, the company said.