principle of balance

balance, principle of

In appraisal, the concept that there is an ideal balance of factors for the development of real estate,such as will produce the greatest value.

Example: A 10-acre parcel may be capable of being divided into a community of small gar- den homes with a profit margin of $10,000 each, but the legal fees and time spent for zoning changes and the costs of street and other infrastructure improvements may decrease the total project profitability to $250,000, thus affecting the value of the land. The developer may be able to build three luxury homes, instead, for a total profit of $500,000.

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Baghdad / NINA / - The Head of the Iraqi Decision Coalition Osama Al-Nujaifi stressed the principle of balance in the building of the state, a constitutional principle can not be exceeded under any pretexts, and the current situation is witnessing a major imbalance requires correction.
"Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, there are many who go against the values of Ramadan by over-eating, staying up too late and watching TV excessively," Alsofi, from Saudi Arabia, says.
"Ramadan is based on the principle of balance," Alsofi, from Saudi Arabia, said.
Our constitution is not based on the principle of absolute parliamentary sovereignty but on the principle of balance of powers.
'Adopting principle of balance reporting and impartiality they can make public opinion in even better manner.
The principle of balance in all fields is also one very important factor for meeting the criteria applied in developed countries", added Lika.
* demonstrate the design principle of balance in a symmetrically or asymmetrically composed artwork.
During the electoral campaign the principle of balance is legally determined and in that period the agency and the ad hoc body won't have difficulties defining the report of media, i.e.
The IC light collection, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, explores the principle of balance through a juxtaposition of two basic forms.
In order to pursue these qualities of life, it is imperative that we apply the principle of BALANCE to these basic needs that are
The Chinese nets, made of teak wood and bamboo poles, work on the principle of balance. Each structure, about 10 metres high, is fixed on the beach and has a cantilever with an attached net that spans over an area of about 20 metres.
These codes are rather unspecific and downplay the principle of balance more than the Swedish and Danish codes do by reducing it to a goal that is to be fulfilled over time, not in single programs or in single program series.
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