prime paper

Prime paper

The highest-quality, investment-grade debt of corporations as decided by rating agencies such as Moody's.

Prime Paper

Commercial paper with a very high credit rating. Commercial paper is unsecured, short-term corporate debt. Because prime paper has a high credit rating, banks are allowed to invest in it and it carries very little risk.

prime paper

The highest grades of commercial paper as determined by the rating agencies. Prime paper includes those having Moody's ratings of P-3 and above.
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We are definitely seeing a very high demand in the marketplace, and it's coming from e-commerce," explains Kelli Jo Messer, marketing director, Prime Paper & Variable Information at Avery Dennison.
The company has introduced TrueCut, which is a general purpose permanent adhesive that delivers better adhesion, especially at low temperatures, for FSC-certified facestocks and prime papers.
It's a fiercely competitive market and credit unions mostly have prime paper.
Jim's been around a long time," Dennis said, so he deals in all manner "of prime and sub prime paper," meaning the spreads will vary.
The three additions, along with the previously approved Fasson Direct-Thermal 200HD paper with S490 adhesive, provide Canadian brands, retailers and converters a family of prime paper, filmic and variable information labeling solutions to select from when adhering to protocol requirements.
The company's paper substrates include prime paper, variable information paper, non-pressure sensitive paper and others.
From the plain white paper that may be used for a salad dressing bottle label, to a paper substrate on a wine bottle, to holographic and metalized paper, to paper used in the pharmaceutical industry, we typically offer it all," says David Collins, director of the prime paper and specialty product line team at Avery Dennison.
Our Prime Paper product portfolio is used in a broad variety of markets and applications, limited only by the imagination of brand owners and designers," says Don Berger, prime paper product manager, Fasson Roll North America.
Mike Conran, Go2Paper CEO, said, "We are very pleased to be offering our Private Web services to Mail-Well as they provide our members with a great selection of prime paper, both in rolls and sheets.
Kevin Donovan, President of Rol Paper, an active user of Go2Paper's MarketPlace, comments, "In addition to our normal sourcing methods we've been using Go2Paper's MarketPlace to find quality prime paper at very attractive prices.
According to David Collins, director, prime papers and specialty, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials, North America, sustainable labeling and packaging are on the rise.