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Cal-Comp in its filing said it will offer some 371.42 million shares for its primary offering with an overallotment option of 55.71 million secondary shares for up to P25 apiece, or raising a total of P10.68 billion.
The SEC approved the registration of Kepwealth's 201.06 million common shares of which 67.03 million common shares, or 33.34 percent, will be sold via a primary offering at a maximum price of P5.74 per share.
On property criteria, it must be completed residential properties valued at not more than RM500,000 at the point of primary offering, and located within Malaysia only.
Horizon Technology Finance Corporation (Nasdaq:HRZN) disclosed on Thursday an underwritten primary offering of 2,000,000 shares of its common stock.
Under its new underwriting mandate from its risk-taking partner Hudson Insurance, Corvus can now underwrite excess cyber insurance for most types of organizations with up to $1 billion in annual revenues in addition to its primary offering.
The net proceeds of the primary offering will be used by the company to repurchase up to all class B shares held by the selling shareholder.
Panasonic will continue to invest in its own network and, with GX Aviation as a primary offering for new business, will be perfectly positioned to serve both its current and future customers.
According to a statement by Sarwa on Monday, the offering will consist of, both, a primary offering of newly issued shares and a secondary offering of existing shares held by the company's current shareholders constituting up to 40% of Sarwa Capital's total shares.
Company revealed that the offering will include a primary offering of newly issued shares, in addition to a secondary offering of existing shares held by the company's current shareholders, constituting up to 40% of Sarwa Capital's total shares.
Emaar Development raised $1.3 billion through IPO, the biggest primary offering in the region after National Commercial Bank, which raised $6 billion in 2014, while ADX-listed Adnoc Distribution raised $850.9 million last year.
This article outlines the most recent MSRB activity on which the GFOA provided comments: G-34 CUSIPs for Private Placements; Market Advisories on Selective Disclosure and Selection of Underwriters Counsel; and Primary Offering Practices Concept Release.

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