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Term used for an unrealistically low bid price or unrealistically high offer price.


Of or related to the high cost of a good, service, or security. Expensiveness is determined by comparing the cost to similar goods, services, and securities. Expensiveness is also related to one's ability to buy: what seems expensive to one person may not seem so to another. Expensiveness may be justified depending on the quality of the good, service, or security.


Of, relating to, or being an unrealistically high offer. An offer to sell a security at $50 when the current market price is $47 is pricey. Compare lowball.
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So they've scrapped orders for pricier dramas from studios and resort instead to cheaper game, gossip and reality shows
But Kyoto has a storied beauty best appreciated at the micro level, while Kobe offers striking vistas from the pricier houses atop the Rokko mountain range.
Even if you opt for pay service, unlike with pricier ISPs, you won't get any online storage space to put up a Web site (you can use free Web hosting services, though they typically come with more limitations), and if you run into glitches, phone support costs $1.
The emerging strain, which can be blocked only by a much pricier vaccine, could hamper meningitis-control efforts in Africa, says Jones.
Art deco jewelry is as popular as--and pricier than--ever, but here's what's different: Bruce Crissy of Crissy Galleries, who recently added a jewelry line to his antique business, is seeing a shift to brighter colors and bolder shapes.
I'm sure a course of steroids is pricier than a French Maid costume.
It came naturally to the Austrian immigrant, who arrived in Los Angeles with his mother, a lifelong socialist who bore her son at Vienna's workers hospital despite her ability to afford pricier care.
At a time when development land is ultra-scarce and therefore pricier, building vertically helps resolve land-search problems for builders.
Venture outside the northeastern megalopolis or beyond the pricier parts of the Los Angeles basin and Chicago's North Shore and you find the number of young people seeking Ivy admission substantially reduced.
If you go upscale with a designer brand--you know, the pricier kind that often comes in a mason jar--you'll get more taste .
Some of today's pricier systems will become more affordable.
a music teacher or professional musician) for something pricier, since stringed instruments - pianos included - rarely disappoint investors.