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Term used for an unrealistically low bid price or unrealistically high offer price.
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Of or related to the high cost of a good, service, or security. Expensiveness is determined by comparing the cost to similar goods, services, and securities. Expensiveness is also related to one's ability to buy: what seems expensive to one person may not seem so to another. Expensiveness may be justified depending on the quality of the good, service, or security.
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Of, relating to, or being an unrealistically high offer. An offer to sell a security at $50 when the current market price is $47 is pricey. Compare lowball.
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This places Kuala Lumpur as having the 26th priciest tag for a cup of coffee or the 25th cheapest tag out of 55 cities, depending on your starting point -- pricier than Manila's US$3 but cheaper than Jakarta's US$4 or Singapore's US$5.40 (fifth most expensive city for a cuppa).
Pricier to run too, in many cases at least, thanks to Volvo's introduction of its latest 'Drive-E' engine technology.
Chains including McDonald's and Starbucks also benefit when people order pricier iced coffees or other specialty drinks.
The known Italian brands like Lavazza and Illy are on the pricier side of the coffee scale.
He said that it would push up the franc-forint exchange rates to HUF470, as the Franc would become pricier in the market.
For the places where flights are pricier, the publication offers some suggestions for keeping airfare costs down, reports.
to their roads, and wars were getting pricier, bloodier, less satisfying
Latin America's millionaires and billionaires, many newly minted thanks to booming commodity prices and investments from Asia, are making a splash in the global art market, spending record amounts on works by artists from their region and buying pricier works by Impressionists and Old Masters.
It's pricier than the others listed in the article, but it is meticulously designed, versatile in use, and has a lifetime warranty on all parts including the burrs.
Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden 12-Hour Moisturising Shower Cream | 250ml | pounds 6.38 A pricier option, this cream is quite thick and lathers well with a gentle fragrance.
Tallinn, capital of Estonia, is by far the eurozone's best buy, but still comes out 23.6% pricier than its Baltic neighbour Riga.
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