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Term used for an unrealistically low bid price or unrealistically high offer price.


Of or related to the high cost of a good, service, or security. Expensiveness is determined by comparing the cost to similar goods, services, and securities. Expensiveness is also related to one's ability to buy: what seems expensive to one person may not seem so to another. Expensiveness may be justified depending on the quality of the good, service, or security.


Of, relating to, or being an unrealistically high offer. An offer to sell a security at $50 when the current market price is $47 is pricey. Compare lowball.
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Thankfully, this is not the last we are seeing of Those Pricey Thakur Girls .
But as the fantastic fans who think so highly of him will attest, Pricey is a special fighter who is destined for the top and this will only make him stronger and more determined to get there when the time is right.
That's, of course, if he does not use pricey consultants to carry it out.
But at $145 (almost the cost of a PDA itself), the Wrist PDA is a bit too pricey a trend for our tastes (www.
That may sound pricey, but as fuel prices soar, your grease kit could pay for itself in about a year.
Though the jewels can be taken on and off, it's pricey.
The writing in C'est la Vie is mundane, the acting amateurish, movement negligible, and no one even gets naked, so you find your binoculars straying to the pricey decor in neighboring high-rises and the hard bodies in the twenty-four-hour gym across the square.
I have no doubt that Pricey will go on to be a really top class coach.
Comfortable, with a satisfyingly rich sound, the BH-905s are, unsurprisingly, a bit pricey.
THERE'S nothing like this in Albert Square - EastEnders star Nigel Harman has been hunting a pricey new home with blonde girlfriend Sarah Scougal.