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Term used for an unrealistically low bid price or unrealistically high offer price.
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Of or related to the high cost of a good, service, or security. Expensiveness is determined by comparing the cost to similar goods, services, and securities. Expensiveness is also related to one's ability to buy: what seems expensive to one person may not seem so to another. Expensiveness may be justified depending on the quality of the good, service, or security.
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Of, relating to, or being an unrealistically high offer. An offer to sell a security at $50 when the current market price is $47 is pricey. Compare lowball.
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"Pricey has been fabulous forme from the first day I signed him as a player.
As one of few men that have sparred both, Bellew says: "Fury isn't fit to lace Pricey's boots.
THE WHOLE 'TOOTH: Excellent sound - but a bit pricey
When he bought the elegant, padded greeting in 1967, a few months after he fell for new girlfriend Sandra, it was pricey at pounds 2.
Recently, John Rekenthaler of Morningstar, the Chicago-based fund-tracking service, wrote in his column on the concern's Website that "in comparison with the overall stock market, the S&P 500 has become light on the pricey glamour stocks and heavy in the cheap, old-era industries like cyclicals, banks, tobacco.
Prices have yet to be announced but will probably make other cars in the Volkswagen family look pricey.
2 Commission a pricey PR firm to promote the new idea with some fresh and original thinking.
Still pricey. A good, old-fashioned mouse can be picked up for around $20 or less.
New hotel construction has little effect on increased demand for pricey rooms
Despite the supreme quality, Fran's goodies are less pricey than other top tier chocolateers.
QI READ in the paper recently that David Beckham bought a pink diamond ring for Victoria's 30th birthday, for the pricey sum of pounds 1million.
Over the past few months, the Fed's posture has turned a number of Cautious optimists into wallflowers as far as pricey large-cap growth stocks are concerned.