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Prices (of equity)

Price of a share of common stock on the date shown. Highs and lows are based on the highest and lowest intraday trading price.


The value of a thing with real or perceived worth. Price represents the amount of value the market has assigned, fairly or unfairly, to a good or service. Normally, prices are expressed in terms of money, but practices such as countertrade and PIK securities indicate that prices may be expressed in goods: "four chickens for two sheep." Price is a necessary component of trade.

Prices tend to be regulated by the law of supply and demand; that is, a price of a good or service increases with smaller supply and/or greater demand. A corollary to this is the idea that commoditization drives prices down because it increases supply (sometimes vastly) while leaving demand the same. Prices likewise rise when the value of money declines. Governments can and have controlled the prices of certain goods and services by subsidy or decree. This is usually an anti-inflationary measure and tends to distort, rather than eliminate, the law of supply and demand. It is thus not generally sustainable as a mechanism for controlling price.
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ITEM: An Associated Press article in the San Diego Union-Tribune for December 8 reported: "Seniors strongly support a plan to let the federal government negotiate drug prices on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries, a new poll suggests.
Those who watch oil markets closely were startled last June as oil prices and inventories simultaneously rose to unprecedented highs.
West Side postwar apartment average sales prices posted the largest percentage gain, up 20% to $797,296.
Prices for natural rubber hit historical highs in India, and probably in most producing countries.
In column K the intrinsic values of the option at the corresponding nodes are computed using Excel IF statements to determine whether the stock prices at those nodes exceed the option's exercise price.
It charges certain customers higher prices, which they willingly pay; and it discretely offers discounts to shoppers who demurred due to your "perfect price," which was too high.
Renkema and O'Donnell note there has been a push recently to bring scrap HDPE prices down.
edu Attendance in 2004: 45,000 Number of exhibitors in 2004: 356 Price of one exhibit space: Varies 2005: Aug 16-18, Rock Springs, PA 2006: Aug 15-16, Rock Springs, PA
The most relevant price comparisons, however, are with the institutions that most frequently appear in the choice sets of students who are part of your applicant pool.
While the market-determined product price for a ppt equals marginal revenue regardless of quantity sold (because the firm can sell as much as it chooses at that price), the market-determined wage for a rpt equals marginal labor cost regardless of amount of labor hired (because the firm can hire as much labor as it chooses at that wage).
Offering a range of models at different price levels lets consumers develop brand loyalty--before they can afford your best.
For some companies, the increased prices and tight policy terms the industry has been enjoying may mask operational weaknesses that will be revealed in the coming soft market.