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Taking over as executive vice president of merchandising at Sam's Club is John Furner, who had been chief merchandising and marketing officer at Walmart China, where he is credited with making key improvements in buying leverage and reducing organizational complexity, yielding improved profitability and price leadership.
As a result we have further extended our price leadership, become far more customer-focused, and helped millions of people save money every day.
We will continue to strengthen our price leadership around the world.
Finnish trading house Kesko Corporation said on Tuesday (11 April) that its subsidiary Kesko Sports would open the first Budget Sport store, with a focus on price leadership, in cooperation with Intersport International Corporation (IIC).
In fact, Miller CEO Norman Adami said that Miller is prepared to lose some volume share over the short term in order to support A-B's reassertion of industry price leadership.
A hostile takeover of what is widely considered to be a well-managed, large, international packaging player leaves little room for trade buyers to leverage huge synergies from the deal, although there could be an upside on price leadership issues.
By definition, strategic agility is achievable only with competitive strength in a combined set of generic capabilities, namely quality, delivery, flexibility, and price leadership.
In markets where traditional providers resist the change, it is possible to see years of no change, with managed care options growing slowly but showing only modest price leadership.
Price leadership is defined by Scherer and Ross [Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance, 1990] as when a firm announces the price or price change and other businesses follow.
The standard price leadership model focuses on a dominant seller of a homogeneous product who correctly assumes all other sellers to be pricetakers.
Programs aimed at reinforcing price leadership not translating into improved perceptions or sales, study finds