price gap

Price gap

A term used when the price of a stock rockets or dives in a direction away from its last price range, such as a stock with a trading range of $10-$12 that closes at $12 and climbs to $14 the next day.

Price Gap

In technical analysis, a break on a chart representing a sudden and large price movement accompanied by high trading volume. Generally speaking, charts do not show price gaps because price movements, even when large, occur smoothly enough to not require a break in the chart. Price gaps may occur, for example, when the price of a security suddenly doubles or halves. As with many charting terms, it may be bullish or bearish; a sudden movement upward is a bullish price gap, while a sudden movement downward is bearish. It is also called a breakaway gap.

price gap

See gap.
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Loop Capital analyst Anthony Chukumba kept his Buy rating and $83 price target on Best Buy (BBY), saying the company has narrowed its electronics price gap with Amazon (AMZN) to 3.
Home owners trying to take their second step on the property ladder face a typical price gap of more than [pounds sterling]135,000 to make the leap, a report has found.
The petrol price gap between supermarkets and non-supermarkets has closed from 5.
Representatives of the importers argued that the regulatory duty of Rs4,669 per ton on imports had killed the very spirit of LPG policy designed by the present government to bridge the price gap between domestically produced and imported LPG.
Jimu Robot kits are being offered at zero-percent interest to bridge the price gap.
Arafat added that the ministry has shouldered the cost burden of the price gap that resulted from the increases of the fuel prices lately applied across Egypt.
One sign of market overreaction is when a stock creates a sharp move at market opening resulting to a price gap.
THE North/South house price gap in England has widened to a record high of nearly PS169,000, according to an index.
The team said: "We were not surprised by the existence of the gender price gap but we were a little surprised by its magnitude.
Sainsbury's says it's narrowed the price gap with Aldi and Lidl by 10% in the past year.
A Yedioth Ahronoth inquiry reveals a significant price gap between a hotel in the Israeli metropolis and a hotel belonging to the exact same chain in the German capital, so that even if you add the price of a flight to Berlin -- the vacation abroad will still cost you less.