price gap

Price gap

A term used when the price of a stock rockets or dives in a direction away from its last price range, such as a stock with a trading range of $10-$12 that closes at $12 and climbs to $14 the next day.

Price Gap

In technical analysis, a break on a chart representing a sudden and large price movement accompanied by high trading volume. Generally speaking, charts do not show price gaps because price movements, even when large, occur smoothly enough to not require a break in the chart. Price gaps may occur, for example, when the price of a security suddenly doubles or halves. As with many charting terms, it may be bullish or bearish; a sudden movement upward is a bullish price gap, while a sudden movement downward is bearish. It is also called a breakaway gap.

price gap

See gap.
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This is a step in the right direction, but the offer is still too low and closes neither the valuation gap nor the merger-of-equals price gap.
Sainsbury's says it's narrowed the price gap with Aldi and Lidl by 10% in the past year.
08 per litre at its 336 forecourts - the lowest price in Britain - and widen the price gap with petrol to 5p.
There was a price gap of between 10 and 20 percent for a kilogram of tomatoes in Turkey compared to the world average in 2014, according to Kesimer.
Officials hope the readjustment will strike a balance between Bahrain's needs, preserving limited reserves from depletion and narrowing the price gap in local and international gas markets.
A new CME Group report suggested that if natural gas only increases its share of energy use for transportation from the current 3% to the 7-10% range over the next five years, the result would translate into a dramatically faster closing of the energy price gap.
It added that in in small rural towns where major supermarket competition was less fierce, the price gap between them and cheaper major towns has started to grow again to 4p a litre.
Chinese teas started stealing the association's brand name in 2012, Lin said, citing its top-quality tea as an example of the substantial price gap between authentic and counterfeit products.
While more competition is associated with smaller increases in price gaps, there is little evidence to conclusively demonstrate what fraction of the wholesale price gap is due to a legitimately higher cost of operating in Canada.
Similar to the output gap used in the literature, we opt for using a house price gap (in contrast, for example, to the case of the national unemployment rate where the raw number is used) since in all considered states' house prices show a long-term upward trend and therefore monetary policymakers may be concerned about significant deviations from that trend (similar to the case of output).
Ee He further said that fuel price gap between Iran and its neighboring countries was another factor that lures smuggling.