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Interest Rate

The percentage of the value of a balance or debt that one pays or is paid each time period. For example, if one holds a bond with a face value of $1,000 and a 3% interest rate payable each quarter, one receives $30 each quarter. The percentage of the interest rate remains constant (usually), but the amount one pays or is paid changes according to the amount of the balance or debt. For example, if one pays off part of the principal on a loan each month, the amount one pays in interest decreases even though the rate remains the same. See also: Time Value of Money.


See Interest Rate.

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This study aimed at evaluating the prevalence of asthma symptoms using self-reported wheezing versus combination of symptoms and spirometric criteria.
The objectives of the current study are thus to i) construct historical time series (1987-2012) and projections (2013-2023) of obesity prevalence for 16 health regions in Quebec, Canada to assess region-level obesity, time trends and heterogeneity, and ii) compare the yearly rate of change of obesity prevalence vs.
The overall prevalence wise the results of current study in bovine were found to be similar to the results of many researchers i.
Keywords: Kundhi buffalo, sub-clinical, mastitis, prevalence, risk factors.
To try to filter out some local variation that may be based on diagnostic practices or historic demographic factors, we looked at how the reported arthritis prevalence rate changes between 2009 and 2014.
Nationally, the increase in prevalence was larger for diagnosed diabetes (56.
The high growth of this region can be attributed to the rising adoption of neurostimulation in Japan, increasing cases of diabetes and rapidly aging population in China, increasing prevalence of hearing loss in Asia-Pacific region, increasing geriatric population and high diabetes prevalence in India, conferences on electroceuticals devices in India and Australia, increasing prevalence of Parkinson's Disease in Singapore, and regulatory approvals of cochlear implants in the Asia-Pacific region.
Keywords: Cervical rib, Chest radiograph, Elongated C7 transverse processes, Prevalence.
The primary outcome of the study is the estimation of the prevalence of asthma.
They then compared autism prevalence, cognitive test scores, demographics, and ages of evaluation and ASD diagnosis among the 58,467 4-year-olds and 56,727 8-year-olds assessed, each cohort representing approximately 1.
Five states and the District of Columbia had a prevalence of obesity between 20% and <25%.
Over the past decade, the prevalence of diabetes has increased, placing it as a major cause of mortality and morbidity in the United States.