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He expects to rescue his 100th working class dog in early 2011, a milestone he and Pretty Penny Ranch are anxious to achieve.
Armed with a portfolio of projects from around the world, the new generation of consultants not only have something pretty to show company heads, but can show accountants a pretty penny in savings.
Guerra added that, although these employee perks could cost a pretty penny, NCCI has been able to implement them at relatively low cost to the company through a creative partnership with the YMCA of Boca Raton.
However it pans out, there is a lot of opportunity to be had for savvy traders to earn more than a pretty penny from Trump's tweets.
But if that mistruth helps spread the word about the Sudanese situation, earning Warners a pretty penny in the process, how wrong can it be?
I will be glad to see you in a couple of years, no doubt paying a pretty penny to see your name in lights.
After back-to-back pregnancies, Jessica Simpson was on thin ice with Weight Watchers, who is paying her a pretty penny to slim down for the brand.
INDULGE in your favourite cuisines and save a pretty penny with our great offer.
HER Majesty looks like she must have won a pretty penny at the races.
That's a pretty penny indeed - 15 million pennies for the asking price alone, not counting interest, taxes, the appliances, the utilities, the furniture, the repairs, the mop, the grass seed, the peg to hang your hat and all of that - all worth it, of course.
And with those odds she would have made a pretty penny, depending on how much she bet in the first place.
10), most unlikely to be inconvenienced by a step down in trip judged on the manner in which he has travelled in two recent Plumpton races, is another who could start short, so let's focus on Pretty Penny (3.