presale order

Presale order

An order to purchase part of a new municipal bond issue that is accepted by an underwriting syndicate before an official public offering.

Presale Order

An order by an investor to buy a municipal bond before it is issued and even before all terms, such as the coupon or the maturity, have been set. The SEC disallows presale orders for other securities and, as a result, they are only available for municipal bonds because they are not subject to SEC registration requirements.

presale order

An order to buy a portion of a new municipal bond issue before the time at which certain information concerning the issue, such as the coupon, has been determined. Presale orders are permitted with municipal bond issues but not with other security issues because municipal bond issues are exempt from requirements of the SEC.
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Residents can view the Native Plant Sale catalog -- with photos, descriptions, prices and presale order information -- and find links to district programs and blogs on native landscaping at dupageforest.
33 million tonnes of the beans in March, a record for the month, as supplies from presale orders landed.
Supported by an aggressive marketing campaign, which included a parade of 20 combines in Hesston, KS, its presale orders set a record of nearly half its 2014 production in just 60 days.
22, 2011 (CENS) -- Considerable presale orders for its Kindle Fire tablets have driven Amazon to place rush orders with its contract manufacturers for 40-50% more supply of the devices.
Still other client companies use 04 software for presale orders, where field representatives employ PDAs to take inventory on the shelf and synchronize information with the warehouse for delivery the next day.
Reuters said Toyota noted that it has already received 11,000 presale orders for the Harrier, internationally known as the Lexus RX400h.
com's best-seller list, based on presale orders alone.
Presale orders for the DVD are available now on the official movie website, www.
The launch activity generated more than 60 media stories, a significant increase in online traffic, and an explosion of early presale orders that gobbled up nearly half the 2014 production in just 60 days.
5 million copies on its first day alone, thanks largely to an unusually heavy number of presale orders, according to industry sources.
Your chance for presale orders on incredible VIP fan experience packages for 11 additional events on the mega 43-date AEROSMITH 2009 Tour presented by Guitar Hero[R]: Aerosmith[R] with special guest ZZ Top starts Tues.
Your chance for presale orders of the Wheels Up experience package including a meet & greet with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as well as other incredible VIP fan experience packages for the first events on the mega 43-date AEROSMITH 2009 Tour starts now through Aerosmith's official fan club, Aero Force One (www.