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The act or process of determining the approximate amount a borrower will be able to borrow before he/she actually applies for a loan. Prequalification looks at the borrower's current income and debt to make this determination. Prequalification is most common with mortgages. Because the borrower has not applied for the loan, it is not a guarantee of approval, but is rather an estimation. See also: Pre-approval.


To estimate the most expensive home a borrower can afford to buy with the assets, income,and expected loan amount and terms for which the borrower might be eligible.

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The site, which is interactive, helps consumers make a comparison of different loan products offered by a variety of national lenders - including, from the beginning, HomeSide - and to prequalify for one of the loans.
To prequalify, contractors interested in providing Removal of junk and litter and unserviceable vehicles for Code Enforcement, shall adhere to this RFQ submittal process and shall comply with all terms and conditions as specified herein.
Consulting firms are invited to prequalify (by Oct.
This Request for Written Quotes is intended to prequalify vendors to secure the services of experienced and licensed vendors to provide Abatement Services.
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3) Bidders attempt to prequalify BY CATEGORY by responding to the solicitations.