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This study reports on the preliminary scale validation of the Individual and Relational Role Balance Scale (IRRBS) using a college student sample (N = 299).
A subset of data collected from this larger project was used for a preliminary scale validation study (N = 105) of the Individual and Relational Role Balance Scale (IRRBS).
Collectively, findings from this preliminary scale validation study suggest that while role balance in emerging adulthood needs to be more broadly defined to account for the number and transience of roles during this developmental period, the relationship between role balance and psychosocial functioning is similar in emerging adulthood and adulthood.
Taking into account the comprehension ability of the participants, we developed a preliminary scale with 20 items.
Development of a preliminary scale and exploratory factor analysis.
Preliminary scale development began by building on the domains identified in stage one and operationalizing them with survey items within each domain.
Figure 1b: Domain Endorsed by Expert Consensus and Patients Self- Collaborate Maintain Access Manage with Provider Function/ Appropriate Prevent and High- Declines Quality Care Believes patients is important in: * * * Has the knowledge to: * * Has the skills to: * * * *** Can access emotional supports to: ** ** * Identified by experts and patients as a key component and retained in later stages of scale development ** Identified by experts as a key component and omitted in later stages of scale development *** Identified by experts as a key component and identified by patients as a secondary component and retained for preliminary scale development
First, because the items in the preliminary scale calibrated only the midrange of activation (4060), we tested items for possible inclusion that might extend the item difficulty.
Jealousy, romantic love, and liking: Theoretical considerations and preliminary scale development.
The preliminary scale consisted of 80 items, with 8 items applying to each of the 10 domains.
Ogletree and colleagues (Ogletree, Turner, Desai, Hernandez, & Stafford, 2003) described a preliminary scale assessing five aspects of attitudes related to housecleaning, liking of housecleaning, level of cleanliness preferences, relevant gender-related beliefs, attitudes towards paid housecleaning, and the importance/value of housecleaning.
The preliminary scale described by Ogletree (Ogletree, et al., 2003) was used as a starting point for scale refinement.

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