potentially responsible parties

potentially responsible parties (PRPs)

Under federal law, persons who may be responsible for the cleanup of a contaminated site,either because they were an owner,operator,transporter,or disposer of waste products for that site.The Environmental Protection Agency looks for evidence of the identity of potentially responsible parties by reviewing documents,performing a site investigation, conducting interviews,using “information request letters”to gather information,and by performing title searches.(PRPs are not limited to the persons who caused the contamination,but may include all subsequent owners or occupiers of the property.)

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Black & Decker and certain of its current and former affiliates contested the EPA's allegation that they are responsible for the contamination, and have asserted contribution claims, counterclaims and cross-claims against a number of other potentially responsible parties, including the federal government as well as insurance carriers.
Louis area.<br />According to the opinion, the plaintiffs brought their claims against Mallinckrodt under the public-liability provision of the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act.<br />"Appellants allege they did not know and reasonably could not have known of the cause of injury or the identity of potentially responsible parties before the decedents' deaths," he wrote.<br />Mallinckrodt filed a motion to dismiss claims brought on behalf of people who died more than three years prior to the filing of the suit.<br />U.S.
In this complex web of potentially responsible parties, how can the circumstances surrounding an accident be determined?
McGovern said that "EPA has been coordinating with potentially responsible parties" that created the federal toxic sites to secure them.
An Alabama law firm, Balch and Bingham LLP, represented two potentially responsible parties for the site's contamination and paid the representative, Oliver L.
Asked what share the federal government should shoulder for the West Lake contamination, the DOE said it will "begin discussing with other potentially responsible parties an appropriate share of the cleanup costs" after EPA proposes a cleanup plan.
"It's a lonely place under the bus all by yourself." This saying sums up the concept of subrogation and our attempts to identify other potentially responsible parties. Subrogation describes both the legal and equitable right of an insurer to pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured.
He has tried many cases, including an action by the Government to enforce a unilateral administrative order, an allocation case among potentially responsible parties, and a complex product liability, wrongful death case.
96-510) to authorize the federal government to clean up contaminated sites in the United States and to make the "potentially responsible parties" connected to those sites financially liable for the cleanup costs.
Consistent with the theory, they find that joint-and-several liability increases the share of cleanup costs recovered by the government and that this share increases with the number of defendants and with the number of potentially responsible parties (PRPs).
Other potentially responsible parties include Bayside Fuel Oil, BP America, Honeywell and ConocoPhillips and more are expected to get added to the list as those already named call out other polluters in order to spread out the costs.

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